“Angel” Dog

I have this outrageously wonderful dog, who’s about to turn 12 this spring. I’ve been crazy about him since the day I rescued the little creature in a supermarket parking lot. He was in a box with his brothers and sisters and snuggled right under my chin each time I picked him up as I deliberated over which of the pups I would take home. It wasn’t long before the black and tan Aussie/Corgi fluff ball, who wears a little white heart under his chin, and I became a family.

I’d never had a psychic pet reading for him because he’s always been such a happy, obedient joyful little guy. But late last summer, he began a strange new behavior, which at times makes us laugh, believe he’s brilliant, or wonder whether he might be possessed. I’d heard that Psychic Elaine ext. 5202 loves animals, so I decided to call from the office. I had several photos of Jake propped up right in front of me as we spoke.

“How do I start a pet reading?” I asked Elaine when she picked up my call.

“I usually read through your energy, so I need your birth date and a description of the pet,” she answered.

It told her that I had a specific question that might be perceived as being a bit wacky. My dog leaves what look like hieroglyphic messages on the dining room carpet. He doesn’t just dump a mouthful of food there — I’ve seen that with other dogs, who prefer to dine with their owners. Instead, these “signs” are created from four to seven pieces of kibble, placed several inches apart in a specific shape — like a backwards “7,” a wavy line, or the letter “h.” We don’t know if we have a spirit in the house, or we need to have him cloned because he’s so smart that he spells. The strangest thing is that we don’t see him do it, and sometimes the shapes are repeated.

Elaine stated that I had lost a dog, prior to getting Jake, and that she hadn’t completely left my energy. Jake is trying to tell us through his kibble signs, when my former dog Maddie’s spirit is around. And like Reese’s Pieces trails made famous in the 80’s film ET, Jake is trying to lure Maddie to eat something with his kibble trails.

I worried me that maybe Maddie had come to take him, since Jake is an older dog — yet he’s healthy and still acts like a puppy. Elaine comforted me, saying he had healthy years ahead of him.

She described Jake as an “angel” dog, because he is more in tune with the spirit world than most, and he came into this life with a mission. Elaine asked if people go out of their way to pet him.

“Yes!” I answered, astonished at her insight. It continues to amaze me whenever our neighbors literally stop their cars in the alley and get out to say hi to Jake and pet him, or have their children come over to meet him. On walks, people will sometimes say to their companions, “This is the dog I was telling you about.”

“This happens because dogs like Jake have an energy that leaves a soothing sense of well being to those who touch them,” Elaine revealed. She also told me that even though Jake and I have an intense bond, that his mission this time in life has been to teach my husband unconditional love. That made me shiver!

My husband, whom I met when Jake was four, had never had a pet. He knew that I came with the dog, so he learned to love him and in doing so, I saw a new side of him emerge.

“Jake has made your husband more loving. He opened a vortex that wasn’t open before. There are some things animals can teach better than humans.”

“Wow,” I said in agreement. It was all so true.

“They had a life together in another life …” she continued.

Before we hung up I asked Elaine if Jake has any needs or wants that I wasn’t aware of. “He wants a dog bed or a cushion at his command post.”

I knew exactly what she meant. My dog likes to watch over us from the upstairs balcony and lately, he’s been lying on a little rug we have out there.

“Ok,” I said, understanding the message. “Anything else?”

“When you walk him, he couldn’t be any prouder to be leading his family down the street. He couldn’t be a happier dog.”

“Wow!” I responded once again. When we walk Jake in the park on Sundays and we pass other dogs with their family in tow, my husband and I often remark that he must be telling the other dogs what a nice life he has!

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