Your Search for a Better Half

When we’re born, the soul we’re given is split apart, and half of it is
given to someone else. Throughout our lives, we search for the person
who is the other half of our soul. Very few of us succeed.

You think a partner will bring you bliss, happiness… and a problem-free relationship? Dream on! That is the stuff fairy tales are made of, and if you start to believe it, you are setting yourself up for many a disappointment.

Of course most of us, when we search for a partner, tend to have high expectations. After all, we were always told not to “settle.” So we set out on a lifelong quest to find the ultimate “one.” Our soulmate, or our split-apart.

We actually believe this person will be the answer to all our relationship issues. They may just be, but the problem is we often look for our ultimate match among those we have “something in common” with — and in vain. It is not our “match” that is our soulmate… but rather our opposite number.

When the souls were divided, they were not split apart equally. If they were, we would always be in conflict. All our interests would be similar, and there would be too much competitiveness. Thoughts would be the same, so there would be no mystery. In contrast, a real split-apart (soulmate) is a perfect match because the soul is once more complete when we find this person.

There is still much work to be done to truly uncover your soulmate, and doing so doesn’t create a problem-free relationship. But unlike other relationships, which are not meant last but rather to teach us, soulmate or split-apart relationships constitute the ultimate lesson for us: This relationship caps all the “classes” we took in our other connections. You and your partner have come together at the time wherein you have reached an understanding in life… problems are dealt with, and then put aside. The little things are not issues, because of lessons learned from the past — and what is truly important.

The comfort zone is naturally there, and there is no pretense or faÁade. One partner is always surprising the other, because what they have missed is finally being fulfilled. They are truly connected, mentally. They feel their partner’s emotions as if they were their own.

Once you’ve achieved this, you know there is only truth between you — for you are a part of your partner, and they are a part of you, and even though you walk around in separate bodies, you share one soul. If you are in any way unsure if the person you are with is your soulmate — if you have any doubt in your mind — then the chances are good that they are not. Because when you find your true match, there is no doubt.

But don’t be discouraged. All the people you are with throughout your life have lessons for you to learn. Your soulmate, your split-apart, may not be ready for you quite yet. They might have lessons to learn before the time is right to be with you.

Destiny sets the time, and we prepare for it by accepting each lesson we go through in this life and learning it. Destiny also determines when two souls are ready to be rejoined permanently, and it will only merge them when the time is right. Have you found yours? How did you know? Share with us!

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