Your Moon Forecast for December 2012

Don’t Catch Cold

Known as the Full Cold Moon, this month’s lunar cycle culminates on December 28 in Cancer, bringing heavy emotions and long, frigid nights. But don’t let the shortened daylight get you down. There’s plenty to be grateful for this month!

Here’s your lunar forecast for December:


After a period of quiet reflection early on, you’re propelled to action mid-month as the seasonal spirit takes hold. On the 28th, the Full Moon inspires a softer side you never knew you had.


Tensions arise leading up to the New Moon on the 13th. You’re sensitive around the Full Moon, but that’s to be expected, particularly after the Moon opposes your ruler, Venus on the 26th.


Big change is coming, Twins. Specifically, look for the Full Moon to overhaul your career or your love life. Don’t be a drama queen around this time—the astrological energy is dramatic enough!


Things come to a head in your life around the time the Moon transits through Virgo on the 5th. Weigh your decision carefully as two paths have very different outcomes.


“Go with the flow” is the name of the game across your whole chart this month, Lion. Ride the tide of the Moon for an emotional high from mid-month. Trust that the universe is guiding you in the right direction.


Your energy may feel wasted mid-month, but don’t worry. Rejuvenation is right around the corner. Things fire up around the 20th and shortly thereafter, you may find just the thing you’ve been looking for.


December 11 brings with it all kinds of warm, fuzzy feelings, Libra—toward yourself and others. You’re more charming than ever. Let the emotional energy boost drive you through the rest of the year. Want to know what lies ahead for you in your emotional life? Then give Psychic Anasela ext. 5154 a call!


While the Moon is on your side when it comes to exerting yourself this month, Scorpio, there’s no reason to assume you’re on the right side of a power play. It’s more practical to mend fences and give credit where credit is due than to try and force the issue.


The New Moon in your sign on the 13th brings with it a fresh start, emotionally speaking. While fun dominates,  in part to seasonal celebrations, prepare yourself for the wave that may accompany the Cancerian Full Moon.


It’s nose to the grindstone around the New Moon, Capricorn. The good news is that you like hard work and you’ll like it even more when you see that your efforts will be rewarded.


Don’t try to serve too many masters this month. You can’t be everything to everyone. With everyone asking however, consider waiting before you delve too deeply into your own heart’s desire. At least until the pressure is off. Need some help focusing your energy? Talk with Psychic Joyce ext. 9598 to get a detailed career forecast.


You end the year in a stronger position than you began it—and with quite a stroke of luck. As the Moon trines Venus on New Year’s Eve, have faith that you’re being guided to the exact place you should be and endless opportunities await you.

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