The Wisdom and Acknowledged Prestige of August

The Wisdom and Acknowledged Prestige of August

Celestial Events in August

August. The word brings to mind many things: heat, the last days of summer vacations, and an entire month with no formal holidays. It also denotes wisdom and an acknowledged prestige. This is particularly true about this August. However, it also brings some wonderful celestial events that can only be observed during this lazy, hazy month.

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Fairies and Dreams and Passionate Lovers

The month begins at the midpoint of summer. Shakespeare recognized the delicious nature of this month in the play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, filled with fairies and dreams and passionate lovers—all the things that seem to peak during summer months. This is especially true in August.

The Perseid Meteorite Shower

Around mid-August, you can treat yourself to a spectacular nighttime view of the Perseid meteorite shower. If you find a place away from the city lights, this year promises quite a show. At the peak of this rain, you can see up to 60 meteorite fragments an hour! This shower inspired many of our ancestors to pay great attention to this time of year as they planned for the upcoming cooler months. Who knows what you can see during this dramatic event?

Unplug and Behold the Natural Wonders

Due to the waning moon this year, mid-August’s Perseid shower will be brighter and better than usual. This is one event you won’t want to miss! It is also a wonderful time to “unplug” and behold the wonders of the natural world around you. Quiet your mind and behold the majesty of this event. Since science shows us that we are actually made of the same building blocks as the composition of the comets, it can be very inspiring to see our connection with the shooting stars.

Spark and Catch Fire

Often during this time of year, passionate love affairs can spark and catch fire. A solid psychic consultation can do wonders to clarify and focus on the challenges and rewards of such a connection. Psychic energies can peak quite high during August and you may notice your own intuition becoming more acute and prevalent as the long days of August roll on. Dreams and ideas can fly through the human heart in August more swiftly than almost any other time of year.

Bright Star, Hot Days

You may have heard the phrase “Dog Days of August” used to describe a specific time frame of this magical month. The phrase comes from the prominence of the “dog star,” Sirius, in the constellation Canis Major (Large Dog). Ancient Romans believed that the extreme brightness of this star was part of the reason this time of year was so hot. During the summer months, Sirius will usually rise and set with the sun, so it is often only visible during the early morning or late evening but well worth the effort to witness its beauty.

Preparing for the Return

As you can see, there are many wonders connected to this often overlooked month. As we prepare for the return to school or for the ending of vacations, it is important not to overlook the grandeur of the natural world and the gifts we are given.

If August feels overwhelming, a relaxed psychic reading can ease a great deal of the stress you feel and it can show you more ways to appreciate this time of year.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

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    What a beautiful article, many thanks Jesse! My eyes will be aloft for the remainder of these amazing August evenings! 🙂

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