Why Is It So Hard?!

Life Doesn’t Have to Be as Stressful as We Make It

There are many situations in life where we just want to run outside, throw our arms into the air, look up and scream, “Why is it so hard?  Why does it hurt so much?”

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way, especially if you understand energy. We are all energy. And not only are we energy, but everything around us is, too: molecules, atoms and subatomic particles. There are three levels of this energy. If you understand the purpose of the three levels and what they are, you can instantly change any situation. Yes, instantly!

1. God Energy

This is God, the Universe, Source, or whatever you wish to call it. It is the highest form of energy. It is pure light, love and goodness.

2. Us Energy

This is our own positive energy and life force. It too, is pure light, love and goodness.

3. Negative Energy

This is the lowest form of energy and it is the force that permeates us as we feel fear, unhappiness, doubt, stress and anxiety.

Here is how each of these energies works within us:

God puts things and people in our path. These things and people are always with the highest possible positive intentions. It is never to mess with us or tease us. The things in front of us are gifts and opportunities for us to attain and receive.

We say, “I want this.” “I am willing to do XYZ to get it.” We have the inborn, natural, spiritual ability to have a happy, fruitful life with everything we desire that is placed in front of us. We just have to do the work required (aka GROWTH) to have it. We are here to grow, and transcend limitations in order to have the life we desire and express our spirit, which means we grow into who we truly are spiritually.

Negative energy is not us. It is others’ thoughts, and foreign to us by nature. It’s out there, and around us all the time. If we feel it and tap into it, we then say, “I quit. I can’t have this. It’s too hard. I’m afraid. This isn’t fair.” You can dissolve the negative at any time. You can ignore it just as easily as you listen to it or absorb it. This is where you have a choice and free will.

With anything in your life, the question becomes, do I want this and am I willing to do the growth work necessary to have it or not? While it sounds simple, it is. Life is a simple choice: positive or negative. Which will you choose?

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