Who Can You Trust?

Where Are the Supportive Alliances?

Trust might seem pretty hard to come by, so the real question is who can we trust and how do we build that? The value system currently in place governing our everyday relationships is vulnerable to uncomfortable misinterpretation. Let’s go over how to find trust in every aspect of your life by developing supportive alliances!


Nearly everyone has an agenda at work and unfortunately it is often solely about improving their own situation. Whether dealing with backbiting coworkers or greedy bosses, it can be hard to feel secure in such an environment or to trust that someone won’t throw you under the bus at the first opportunity just to score some points. Try and find the genuinely good hearts in this situation–not everyone is out to succeed at the cost of another’s failure. Watch for how people talk about others in the office and share a little something in confidence to see if they can keep your secrets. Everyone shows their true colors eventually, and when you find the ones worthy of your respect and trust, invest in those relationships above the others.


The medical field has shown itself to be unpredictable and untrustworthy with its ever-changing and contradictory warnings and cautions. Drug companies have displayed greed over the years, which seems to take precedence over the actual health of a person. It’s always best to rely on your own instincts when it comes to your health and that begins with a great doctor. What you’re looking for is a physician who has genuine concern for you, your health and your wallet. Do the treatments they suggest save you money or make the drug companies richer? Do your homework instead of blindly trusting anyone’s word. When you find a trustworthy healthcare provider, appreciate them!

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Through thick and thin, family ideals have been portrayed as the best support system in your life. This may or not be the case, depending on the integrity of your family members. If some in your family seem to continually hurt or use you, it’s time to protect yourself from harm. This doesn’t mean you love them less, but it does mean that you love yourself enough to not allow those close to you to take advantage of you. The family members who have always had your back and always been there for you are the ones you should make an effort to have a relationship with. Are they really there for you or just in it for themselves? Psychic Yvonne ext. 9883 knows the answer!


The same goes for friendships. Some friendships may be built more on negativity, jealousy or may make you feel used and exhausted. Let go of those, which have subtracted more than they’ve added to your life, and invest your time and heart into the ones that have proven their trust and love.

“Our heart prays better than on mind. Trust it.” – Psychic Kelli ext. 5130

37 thoughts on “Who Can You Trust?

  1. eve

    What a complex, and very personal, subject to attempt to address in an article. Whole volumes could be written on this subject, and I admire you for having the courage to share this controversial topic, and applaud you for doing so with such authenticity. In my own experience, each person deals with pain in their own way, and each of us has a different level of tolerance for pain and trauma. Much pain which is caused by the trauma of , say, a divorce may result in a feeling of betrayal so strong that that person will struggle with issues of trust for the rest of their lives. Another person who suffers pain through trauma which was the result of something like rape, torture, and kidnapping (which would sound to most of us like a thousand times worse than divorce), will be able to reconcile the incident in their own mind, realize that what happened was not a reflection on the entire population of humanity, but an extreme and tragic incident, and have few trust issues. Others still will have a bad experience with the healthcare system, and this results in a complete lack of trust for all medical professionals. My own experiences have led me to the conclusion that we all want to have someone to blame when things turn out badly and we suffer pain. Many people do not have a strong enough support system to ever get the help they need to move beyond that experience, and they have trust issues for life. Myself, I have learned to trust my instincts, and not beat myself up when I make a mistake. I have also learned that most people will rise to our expectations of them. If we expect them to be untrustworthy, they will. I have high expectations of others, I expect them to exceed their own expectations of their abilities and I believe in them, therefore, I am rarely disappointed. When I am feeling off myself, I put off making decisions regarding others until I am back on track in my own life as best I am able. I feel grateful for having the support that I need to be able to do this for myself.

  2. TINA

    just a quick question I called 3 times paid 30.00 ,…disappointed to find out that out of the 3 none were able to see the near future with a love….. can you ..

  3. Johnny Jaicaman

    I’m having trouble finding a job do you know when I will find a job? And a women to get to marry? And financial where I will be this year? Thank you.

  4. Karen

    Why doyu say you can trst no one?It’s true, some people aren’t trust worthy.But when we know and trust ourselves, and aren’t doing one thing and saying another—we trust ourselves, and know who to trust.
    Nobody’s perfect.Your most loving friend or family member may be a real jerk sometimes…but in general, if someone loves you and treats you respectfully, it’s ok if they make a mistake, or do something that they honestly did not know would upset you.

    Sometimes we yell bloody murder or cry alone over who has hurt us, and our “rights” –when the other person really just made a mistake.

    On the other hand, there is no reason to continue trusting somoen who has repeatedly hurt you with no real regret.

  5. wayne

    Trust No One, Or Anything, Always Know What,s Going On! Trust No One, You Find With Time You Will Learn Not To Trust Nothing And No One ?

  6. Savannah

    UUGGGGHHH!!!!! I don’t think i can trust anybody. AT ALL…. NO-ONE…….I through with people and i am through with life.

  7. seema

    I think being able to trust is important for our own emotional and spiritual health. Everyone should be given one chance to be trusted. The second chance depends on how the trusted responded to it. Trusting others is putting your trust in Almighty and its creations.

  8. casandra

    I feel the same.. I will find love and trust again even though my x was a complete con artist and tricked me day after day.trust and believe true love never dies… God bless us all.

  9. shereen

    In God I Trust most…For you not to be disappointed with what is happening in our daily life here on earth…Trust Nobody but yourself,and do the things that makes you happy. Focus on to what is right, believe and live your life to the fullest.

  10. Araanza

    Trust!! It’s like finding a gold coin in the trash can!!! So hard, I trust God and mom and my self!! Long list!!!! Lol. ?

  11. bella

    AGAIN what a GREAT ARTICLE !! IM NO ” psychic ” BY all/no means , MY only ADVICE 2 EVERYONE WOULD BE 2 ALWAYS TRUST your inner core/spirit OR TRUST IN ONE’S OWN GUT/1’s own SELF 1ST, because WE all know ITS A VERY scary, TOUGH DAYS/WORLD ahead of all of US out THERE, or in these trying WORLD times RIGHT NOW !!


    FYI You were right ON again about jc, FYI Ms Quinn, & were right HE does really love me 2 !! Thank You 4 your latest reading you did 4 me haha, wow talking bout me trusting in your reading WHEN I WAS NOT even A BELIEVER lol, so yes i ‘ TRUSTED you ‘-‘ YOUR reading ‘ FYI i have ALWAYS TRUSTED YOUR READINGS 2 LOL = :)) !! FYI so YES ma’ma you were right ON/bout IT/that once again LOL !! many THANKS/blessings 2 you & 2 your family !! xoxo FYI may GOD bless your beautiful spirit 2, Thanks Again, Bella :)) 🙂 !!

  12. Yelena

    I have to disagree with a statement “you can’t trust anyone these days” I believe if you constantly have problems with trust you attract untrustworthy people in your life. I am not saying to be naive but open your heat and you notice there are many trustworthy people around us.

  13. dona

    I am so lost. 7 year relationship ended 2 yrs ago. having really hard time moving on. please give some words of encouragement. Thank you

  14. Mr. Ash Israni

    Yes, no one can be trusted anymore. Can you be trusted? Prove it to me by accepting an email from me in which I will write about how depraved this world has become. I am waiting.

  15. E

    I’m at a point in my life where I cannot trust anyone. I’ve been continally disappointing by family, friends and coworkers. I trust God and myself and that’s it!

  16. Marina

    I cannot trust anybody, not even my close associates, Experience has taught me
    the bitter truth about trust.How can I sstart trusting again?

  17. Gayle Martin

    Holy cow, Alina, you are so right on the money, (no pun intended) with your advice about health.

    When my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer he decided to take control, and he started doing research into alternative medicine. What he learned shook him to the core–your doctor is NOT in business to make you well. Your doctor is in business to make money. That means he or she will prescribe the most expensive, drawn out, (and sometimes painful) method to treat your illness so he or she, (along with Big Pharma) can make the most profit. Once he started with alternative treatments his cancer went into remission, and he had an extra year of life, of good quality, that he would not have otherwise have had. His only regret was that he didn’t learn this BEFORE he was diagnosed with advanced cancer. He went to his grave believing that if he’d been seeing alternative medical professionals his whole life he would have never gotten the cancer in the first place.

    I learned my lesson from him. My chiropractor is my primary-care physician. He has the same training as a medical doctor, but with more studies in anatomy and physiology. He’s also NOT in bed with Big Pharma. If he tells me I’m ill, or that I need a medical test, I’ll believe him, since he won’t make any money off of it.

  18. Marilyn

    I have friends that visit every year for 2 or more days. I enjoy their company but they never treat us to a meal or even bring a bottle of wine for dinner.
    Are we being used? We never visit with them as they live too far for my husband to travel.

  19. Linda

    Yvonne . . . I like your comments about how and why I can’t trust many people, and I would talk with you about that if I could afford to. But basically, my distrust doesn’t have so much about not loving them, as it is about knowing where they are stuck in their hearts and mind because of the cultural meme. Thank you for the work you’ve done on yourself. It is a comfort to know that there are people in the world like you.

    I’m just now beginning to experience heartfelt willingness to forgive them in their process

    Namaste’ and thank you for this opportunty for me to express my appreciation in what I know about your evolution, else how could I have responded to you in this way? (Yeah for you and me … and everyone else for that matter!)


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