Where’s My Power?

Take Back What You’ve Given Away

Power is an important thing.

The power to make decisions for yourself, the power to stand on your own two feet, the power to maintain boundaries with those who would take that power. So often in this world we’re encouraged to maintain the social contract and keep the peace by giving our power away to others; yet the truth is, I suspect, that that’s the source of 99% of our woes.

The train to nowheresville chugs along each time we give our power away to something outside ourselves — whether that’s a relationship, a religion, a guru, an ideology, some media figure or entertainer, etc.

Here’s the basic equation: you give me responsibility and culpability for this part of your life or your share in the world, but your power goes along with it. If it goes wrong (and it often does if you don’t do it yourself), you don’t have to feel guilty or take the blame for it, you have somebody else to point to. But the price for that trade is control over your own life.

But giving the keys to the car to somebody else in exchange for the ability to blame them if the car crashes is not, to my mind, a fair trade. (As Shyla ext. 5431 says, “No abuse… no matter what the excuse.”)

This is a hard lesson for most, especially those who walk on the bright side of the spiritual street. But it’s crucial one.

Nobody knows or understands your needs and dreams as well as you do.

Let me repeat, nobody knows or understands your needs and dreams as well as you do. Nor will they ever.

If you want to make your life run right, you’ve got to take your power back from everybody and everything you’ve given it to, hoping that they’ll do it for you.

They won’t.

You won’t get from here to there if you’re waiting for somebody to carry you. First you stand on your own two feet. Then you walk there yourself.

So ask yourself, each day: Where’s my power?

And if it’s not in your hands, you better go find it!

“Your soul will never go out of style.” – Kelli ext. 5130

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2 thoughts on “Where’s My Power?

  1. chloeChloe ext. 9421

    Another great article from Krishna Bill!

    All so true. We always have to take responsibility for how we allow ourselves to be treated and remind ourselves that we are ALWAYS worthy of love.

    Thanks for the wonderful words Krishna Bill!

    Love & Light!

    Chloe (ext 9421)


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