Boom! Here’s What to Do When Your Life Explodes

Handling the Catastrophic Chaos When Life Explodes

You get laid off. Then your dog dies. You also find out one of your parents is ill and just when you think it can’t get any worse, you find out your spouse is cheating. Sometimes, life is all or nothing—and your life just exploded with stress and drama.

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So how do you navigate back to normal when it feels nearly impossible to do so? What do you do when the odds seem insurmountable and the deck is stacked against you? Read on for the best coping strategies when life explodes.

Cry Your Eyes Out

Crying seems counter intuitive, but it may be the only thing you’re capable of doing right now. It’s the vital first step in the process of rebuilding and it’s good for you. Conversely, if you bottle something up inside of you, it’s going to erupt to the surface in some way, sooner or later. So let it out! Allow yourself to feel the shock, fear, anger and sadness and own it—for a day or two—before moving on. There no point in wallowing, but you have to allow yourself to process the feelings that come when your life explodes. You won’t learn and grow from it otherwise.

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Prioritize Your Health

When you get run down emotionally, it takes a toll on your physical body. As such, it’s more vital than ever that you eat as well as you can and get some form of exercise. No matter what life slings at you or how you’re feeling emotionally at a given moment, a strong body will help maintain a strong spirit.

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Remember, Everything is Temporary

When your life explodes, it’s overwhelming, paralyzing even. However, if there’s one thing that life teaches us along the way it’s that change is the only constant. Everything fluctuates. As surely as the dark clouds have rolled in and blocked any sign of sun, they will roll out again and reveal blue skies. You will laugh again. You’ll be happy. You’ll put all of this behind you. You just need to keep the faith. Your faith may be the only thing that sustains you, and it’s definitely the one thing you need to have when your life explodes.

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Start Small

When the hits keep on coming it can be hard to muster the energy to keep going. You may find yourself caught in a cycle of questioning every decision you’ve ever made, searching for big-picture answers and fix-all solutions. The truth is, they’re not going to come right away. Once this period has passed (and it will), you’ll be able to gain some perspective. In the meantime, rather than analyzing yourself to death or trying to plan for the long-term, just put one foot in front of the other. Think about what you can do today that will help you make progress toward your future. Every little step counts, and like it or not, you’re only capable of taking one at a time.

23 thoughts on “Boom! Here’s What to Do When Your Life Explodes

  1. roxann

    they say it will get better it’s a choice but when your so so down can’t believe what has happened and everyone goes along with life (your asking yourself why can’t I) it’s not simply a choice. My tunnel is dark I’m beat I give not asking for the world just the pain to ease up and the motivation to move on

  2. The CanDo

    In this life,as well as others, we are here to learn.Each lession comes with a test.The answer is always be kind to your self. Always be kind to others. Do the right thing. After the lession has passed , look forward to the next lession,and test.

  3. jula

    I have made it through many hardships before, and I will continue to survive and prosper.
    I owe it to my son especially and other loved ones to persevere and model patience.
    that is the greatest gift we can give, is to advocate and care for another and support those in

    God bless us all!

  4. tessa

    I’m having long distance relationship, for over a year now, he always keep telling me ite is better to be honest than to caught you a lie, but everything he Does when it comes to a woman he tells me everything, that’s makes my heart broken, he accept visitors in His place and he told me they having sex, and the lady was married..I am loyalty with Him. but I can’t stay longer now…please tell me what to do, I’d never used to this kind of relationship…

  5. Andy Cummings

    Recently divorced, children taken by ex wife and moved to another state, ruined credit and not making enough money to keep up with expenses.

  6. Patricia

    Wow, SO timely for me right now! Reassuring to know that I’ve followed these steps thru instinct. Have NO control over anything in my life right now, & seems from here that it might all end UNIMAGINABLY badly for me, but once I’m sure I’ve done everything I can, only thing left is to let it all play out, hope I don’t lose what SEEMS like everything from here, & it will end with new possibilities. When I’m not feeling really down or nervous about things, I can actually see that it might be universe’s way of setting me free from certain things that stopped being “right” for me long ago, but I just didn’t realize it!

  7. maryanne

    I would like to know if my husband & I will be moving to another house soon, & will we have a family member as our new landlord? I would appreciate if you could answer this for me through my e-mail. Thank-you.

  8. Debra Morman

    My soulmate of 30 years is with hospice but he is home in a hospital bed with oxygen, he’s dying slowly of cancer. I am exhausted and scared. I can’t imagine life without my husband.


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