What’s Good For The Soul?

What is good for the soul? The answer sounds like it might take a deep, spiritually oriented philosophical conversation that could go on for hours, involve some study and even intensive soul searching. But, actually, the answers are quite simple to find within you and simple to carry out. And when your spirit is in a good place, California Psychics tell us, you tend to be healthier all around. “Plus you’re more open to being a good person and to come from a loving spot in your everyday life,’ Jonathan ext. 9601 explains.

So how do we get to that wonderful place where our soul feels nurtured and well cared for? “Anything that centers a person is good for the soul,” Jonathan reports. The bulk of our population gets up, goes to work, and often works right through lunch, fights evening traffic, grabs a meal in front of the television, falls asleep and starts all over again the next day. They do nothing that they truly enjoy – like watching the sunset with a first sip of coffee, or playing a few rounds of tennis with a challenging partner – the clairvoyant suggests.

Some know their soul well. Others are just beginning to honor this integral part of their being, some of our psychics point out. Our soul thrives when we love, honor and respect ourselves. Otherwise all souls are different. Some souls are elated by the sight of an antique car, others see heaven as they walk on a quiet road with a pet.

Activities that are good for your soul, may be different for everyone, but they all include qualities that encourage a sense of serenity, clarity, joy or freedom, our psychics say. Maryanne ext. 9146 recommends conversation with a good friend, walking or sitting in the sunshine, being kind to a stranger, appreciation of nature or the beauty of art, smelling a rose, or tending a garden. Any or none of these ways of valuing yourself and others may be just what your soul needs.

The nurtured soul is loving, kind and empathic. Often learning to care for your soul is part of a person’s upbringing Ciarra ext. 8624 suggests. It’s important for parents to teach children to care for and respect their soul. One suggestion is a bubble bath whenever you can get one in – something she does for herself and her child – to de-stress, soak out negativity, let it run down the drain and allow for a more successful transition to sleep. “You will sleep better, dream better and wake up refreshed. This little ritual is one of respect for your body and yourself.”

Meditation is great for the soul, Kallista ext. 9623 reminds us, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. “I call it prayer that listens for answers. If you are feeling, stressed, frightened, uncertain, confused, doubtful… the remedy is to go within. When it comes to your soul’s health, listen to your intuition – intuition trumps logic every time.”

Soul sickness, is that sense of “I’m miserable and can’t seem to shake it,” says Jonathan. Finding something that soothes your soul may come to you, if you allow yourself to visualize whatever it is that you think will calm you, if you could be wherever you wanted to be.” People sometimes think that it needs to be prayer, or a religious connection, but it can be something as simple as a visualization that you believe will come to fruition one day.

In Ciarra’s readings, the intuitive has seen many souls damaged by bad relationships – relationships where individuals have become smaller versions of who they are. Just as people who are imprisoned become hard, volatile and shrink from low self-esteem, the same can happen to a soul in a relationship where a person changes their life path to accommodate another’s.

The thing that shows that your soul is not being fed, is plain, simple, unhappiness. “But, souls can be fixed,” psychic Maryanne believes. You don’t have to restructure your entire life to do so, she states. ” Focus on yourself, focus on the things you haven’t allowed yourself the time to do – pick one, try it and see if you feel better.”

Take time to find, recognize and honor your soul’s needs. A satisfied soul, makes for a satisfied life.

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