What to Do When Your Thoughts Turn On You

Your Thoughts and Your Confidence

Our inner monologues can gravitate from inspiring and empowered to totally negative on a daily basis. One moment, you’re on top of the world. The next you’re feeling totally unsure of yourself. It happens to all of us, including those people who seem to never have a self-conscious moment in their lives.

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Get Some Perspective

When your thoughts take a turn for the worst, it’s important to put them in perspective and get yourself back on the positive track as soon as possible. Here a some key questions to ask yourself when those not-so-happy thoughts creep in your mind. Learn how to push them aside and move on with your day!

Question #1: Is It True?
The first thing to do is to determine if your thoughts are true and valid. Are you just dragging yourself down for no reason, or are you criticizing yourself based on a truth? For example, being scatterbrained from time to time doesn’t make you an idiot. And indulging in treats while on vacation doesn’t make you fat. Be sure your thoughts are truthful thoughts.

Question #2: Are You Exaggerating?
If you’ve decided that, yes, what you’re saying is true, then you next have to determine to what degree. To use the previous examples, maybe, yes, you could stand to lose a few pounds. But does that make you fat? Maybe not. And is it really the end of the world if you can’t find that one thing you’re looking for right now?

Question #3: Can You Change It?
If your thought are rooted in reality, take action. If you’re overweight, commit to an exercise and healthy eating program. If you feel lonely, reach out to a friend to catch up or schedule a happy hour. If you’re apathetic about your job, update your resume and start looking for new, inspiring opportunities. Don’t stew in unhappy, negative thoughts. You can make small, meaningful changes starting now.

Question #4: Can You Forgive Yourself?
Perhaps whatever is getting you down is something you don’t have control over and can’t change—something you wish you hadn’t said, any kind of regret you may be holding onto or another situation you just can’t redo or take back. Holding onto the past won’t allow you to move forward into a brighter future so forgiving yourself is the only way to keep your negative thoughts from returning again and again.

Question #5: What Are You Grateful For?
Finally, get yourself into a positive mindset with an affirmation. Say something you’re grateful for or tell yourself something amazing about you. Giving happy thoughts some brain real estate will leave little room for negativity to creep in.

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  1. rickiara

    This is so true but I can’t get over that my fiance might have a child from the past his mom is so rude..also it’s been eight years he don’t know if his the father or not..


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