What Does My Sign Say About Me?

How the Sun Influences Who You Are

While each of our charts is incredibly intricate, your sun sign is the most visible to the world and says a lot about you.. It dictates how you are seen by others and is thought of as the manifestation of your ego. Do you come off as dark and mysterious or loud and boisterous? Though these characteristics don’t give a complete picture of your personality, they are a perfect place to start when exploring astrology.

So what does your sun sign say about you?


Often associated with the rebirth of spring, you’re strong and confident, bursting with energy and ideas. You also have a tendency to dominate and may want to work on being less aggressive.


Sensitive and sensual, you’re a deeply emotional character – in a rough around the edges bull’s clothing. Primal by nature, you may also be highly artistic and have trouble letting people in.


The fast talker of the zodiac, you’re also an incredibly fast thinker – it’s no wonder you’re symbolized by the twins! But be aware, your duplicity can be a lot to take. Work on kindness and empathy!

“Astrology brings so much to the table, it gives you the personality, likes and dislikes of a person. Their nature is uncovered and if it is not a match for you, it can be worked around to make it work.” – Quinn ext. 5484


Cancer has an incredible ability to make people feel loved and cared for – you’re the emotional heart of the zodiac. Nurturing by nature, you may also be a workaholic with legendary mood swings.


Charming, affable and social, you steal the show almost anywhere you go with your winning ways, lion. You can also be egotistical and easily embarrassed despite your relatively simple needs and desire to please.


Details, details, details! You, Virgin have a laser sharp eye for precision, know how to dig deep and get things done. Trouble is, you don’t hesitate to notice flaws. Tact is vital to your success.


Maintaining equilibrium is essential Libra. A born diplomat, you thrive only when their lives are in balance – a difficult task sometimes considering how fickle you tend to be. Good thing you’re so charming.


Deep, daring and hot blooded under a cool exterior, you may want to plumb the depths intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and sexually – but that’s a lot for most to keep up with. You hate being betrayed and can be seen as vengeful.

“By knowing what your partner is made of astrologically, you can better gauge your relationship.” – Quinn ext. 5484


Adaptable, adventurous and athletic, you, Archer, are one of the most likable signs in the zodiac. You’re exciting and passionate and unique… but have a hard time settling down.


Serious and hard working, you thrive on accomplishment. People often get you wrong, goat, by singularly associating that drive with career. Given a chance, you make accomplished partners, parents and friends. Try not to be so judgmental.


Interesting and innovative, you’re one of a kind, Aquarius. No one quite knows what to make of you, but they’re often impressed and sometimes perplexed. You can be seen as flighty, even a mad genius, but you’re definitely seen as unique!


Sweet and sensitive, you’re sometimes associated with sadness by wearing your emotions on your sleeve. You’re also highly imaginative and artistic, gifted at translating those feelings into words, images or anything else that inspires you.

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23 thoughts on “What Does My Sign Say About Me?

  1. Lisa

    My husband used to be married to a Capricorn for 10 yrs. I am Aquarius, he is an Aries. I am a match for the description you have written for Aquarius. My husband needs to understand this.

  2. sag girl

    i am a true sag……no one seems to understand why i am so independent…when i tell them to read my scope….they laugh. i didnt tell them they had to believe in astrology…i was only pointing out information and insight.

    i figure, if u really wanna know me….u will seek knowledge with an open mind and open heart….otherwise….u r wasting my precious time.

    my independence is my success and my failure.

  3. mary abia

    d sign on tarus is me.everytime i follow your newsletter its inspires and directs me on my day and how to react and relate with me am now a genius in d things i do pls bring it on kudos to d california psychics cheers.

  4. Fred

    Am taurus,born 21 april 1989 at 12noon.am from nigeria,want to knw my financial life,what kind of bussiness/carrier will bloom 4 me,and my love life.kindly tell me pls.i ve been observing some kind of ill luck and dissapointment in d past few years,pls tell me why and hw it can stop.tank u.

  5. arise

    Steph: Go girl! You will put him in your past, and when you finally do, the next guy will be *so much better* you’ll want to kick yourself for waiting so long to do it.

    Trisha: Write the story of you and your first love as if it were a romance novel or movie. Detail all the good times you can remember. Recording this will start your process of closure, because you won’t have to carry them in your head or worry that you might forget something. Then just for fun, give it the happy ending you would wish for. Who knows, you might end up getting published!

    Louise: I’ve always thought the literature was incorrect in that the ascendant is the perpetual first point of awareness, whereas the “face we show to the world” (the ‘persona’ in Jungian terms) is developed over time as we interact with the world and find what works for us. This is a self-reflexive process too complicated for the ascendant which is always just emerging from the unconscious (twelfth house).

    The sun is our goal, our intention, the person we wish to be *in the context of the patriarchy*. It is the lessons our fathers have taught us. Sun-signs’ enduring popularity is due to the fact that they are essentially flattery, implying that our intentions are already reached, we are already as we wish to be.

    As you noted, our character is much more complex than sun and rising sign. The patterns of the entire horoscope map, representing all the planets, satellites, stars, and seasons reveal the true stamp of our character.

    Even this is not a place to stop; we are given astrology as a means to recognize our habitual patterns *so that we can transcend them*.

    Of course, in mass-distributed media, the sun is the only chart factor that’s easy to look up. This site does discuss other chart points like moon, venus and rising signs, but full chart analysis is beyond their scope.

  6. MagSn

    As you say its hart for me to sattle down. Where is my other part. On which continant do he stay. When will he come my side. Why is my finance and house (kids) in such a state. At 43 I would believe that i was settled, but things get from bad to worse.

  7. MagSn

    As you say its hart for me to sattle down. Wher is my orher part. On which continant do he stay. When wil he come my side. Why is my finance and house (kids) in such a state. At 43 I would believe that i was settled, but thins get from bad to worse.

  8. Sandra E.

    My name is Sandra was born on 01/13/79 @ 745am…I know that am a capricorn but what else can u tell me(like what’s my Sun n Moon sign) Also my love life has been non existant was wondering if that would change any time soon…


  9. Carol Ann

    i am Scorpio,love lots company,very nice,but havebad temper,hate liers,users,toothface,and mean people,don’t have many friends,caus emost people use you,and are complusive liers,smile to your faceand stab you in back,don’t like lots people for especially sice I moved to Delricoaka Deltona,fl,ahte my neighbors,odd,weirdo’s,want to move but payed to much for house,cause realtor lied to us,and did not cheack neighbors or area,now doomed till prices rise.wan to go back home to New England with my kind ppppppppeople,stores,restaurants,food,florida changed for worst all foreigners?to hot no street lights,don’t s[ray,and use to live always by ocean,now inland sucks.all alone fo rhubby works a lot,no family an dfriends all moved away in 05 when we stupidly moved here,for New England states.kids are idiots,no grandchildren,only grandanimals an done grand animal died today,so upset cried all day,all alone,no ne to go shopping with our out to eat,can’t work for have health problems since living in rotten place. doctors and hospitals suck,all they wan tis your money,nothing else,rich bitches?

  10. steph


    I am also in the same situation right now. He spends all i have to. From my family to personal things I want to everything. But HE is married. I cannot longer take the pain after almost 3 years of being with him. I was happy yet, I am alwasy least to his priorities, though he dont accept that thought of mine. Now, June 14, 2012, I have decided to finally break up with him. Considering everything that will be lost with me. I am so hurt for the fact but what can I do. I dont wanna suffer anymore. I believe and positive , visiting other place would mend my heart.and Im going to spend money on that, just to heal myself.

  11. Nena

    I am a Sag with a Sag rising and Gemini moon. Needless to say I tend to be scattered and have a difficult time focusing! hahaha It’s astrological ADHD. =P

  12. Louise Luna

    Re: Your Sun sign being the face the world sees you as. I’ve been studying Astrology for over 50 years and consistently the nformation is that it is our ‘rising sign’ that is the face we show to the world, while our Sun sign is our soul core. Also, a novice to this study should know that the individual is governed by their natal chart, all the planets (and their degrees) in each particular sign and in which house, your mid-heaven, one’s north node, the Sabian Symbols, etc. I don’t expect this site to cover all of these points (also progressed charts which are extremely vital and helpful as we go through life) but at the least suggest to your readers to buy books on the study of Star Logic. It is an extensive amount of information and takes a life time to get some sort of handle on it – otherwise most people rely on those generic ‘horoscopes’ in the newspapers. Not everyone will want to go the distance on the subject but I’m sure some will. Don’t dumb people down.

  13. Vincinti

    You may not get the chance to get closure on your past relationship. But, I hope that you have forgiven yourself and the other individual as well. It is time to move on, holding on waiting to have that opportunity is keeping you from moving on in my opinion. In Metaphysics we are taught to move on, and most importantly learn from the lesson and forgive, first yourself truly because you are divine and capable of loving someone else with the same passion you did previously. Also, forgive that person so that you do not have any more emotional attachments. It is my belief that once you have truly forgiven and moved on the Universe will fulfill your wish. Blessings of love and light!

  14. Trisha

    If God could grant me one wish it would be that my first Love
    (and in my mind would be my last love) it would be that he
    would get in touch with me. You see our relationship ended in
    a bad way. All I want is clousre. If I can get that, I think I
    could finally move on. I have been carrying a tourch for him for about 30 years. I know that sounds terrible, but as I said we never had clousure. All I want is to see him again or talk to him again. I know things will never be the same, but I just want to see him one last time. If some how it was meant to be then I would go back again, if things were different. Please help me with this. I really ned that in my life. He has a hold on me and i can’t let it go. What do think will happen. I am a Virgo and he is a Pisces!

  15. Jelili Akinwande

    You people are super-power.My name “JELILI” is derived from an arabic word “Ya Jalil” meaning “The Light”.The whole team of this web site are truly “THE ASTROLOGIST”.I really commend your efforts of competent research on astrology to the human race.Please,keep it up.

  16. Maralyn

    I have tried various times to do a psychic reading with California Physics. I live in South Africa, and the number you give out to dial, does not work from South Africa. Is there a number to dial when phoning from South Africa……. ?


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