This Week in Mantras: September 2 – 8

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers truth, new beginnings, the Universe, and more in This Week in Mantras. Are you ready to use these powerful mantras every day?

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September 2 (Light):I follow the light of my spiritual path towards the dreams that the Universe manifests for me.”

When you are in a place of light and on the right path, the Universe will help to manifest more easily the things that you are meant to have in your life. You have to follow the path of least resistance. That is your true path and the light will always be strongest when on this path. It will be a glow that others see in you. They will certainly be happy for you and share your joy openly with you.

September 3 (Truth):I know that the truth of my soul is what brings me happiness.”

The truth is what comes to you without stress and strife. It just flows into your life and brings with it peace, compassion, and joy. When you follow your truth, speak your truth and feel the truth of what others share with you, then you are able to see your happiness flow into your life in a very strong and loving way.

September 4 (Universe): “The Universe is here to support me. I only have to ask to receive what I asked for.”

When you ask for something from the Divine, you may get things you didn’t expect. But by accepting it, you will find that you get exactly what you asked for. Then you will find yourself asking for something else. This is the nature of life! You must accept the things you are given, and then you will receive what you are looking for. Remember, diamonds don’t come already cut, polished, and mounted. Therefore, you have to accept the rough diamond and polish yourself.

September 5 (New Beginnings):Each time I reach a goal, it is a new beginning for the next phase I will grow into.”

Yes, each time you reach one goal, you will start looking for another. This is because you never stop growing as a spiritual being. You are always growing and reaching for dreams and setting intentions. This is how the world is made to manifest. Each goal reached should give you the energy to help you start the path to the next goal. It is through each new beginning that you attain your Higher Good/Power.

September 6 (Love Begins):Love begins when I fully embrace myself and all my imperfections.”

You can’t find what you are looking for until you find it within yourself. This is especially true of love. When you let love begin with loving yourself, accepting the true you (even the parts of yourself that you are struggling with), and the fears that you hold within yourself, you find true love. Love comes to you when you have it already in your heart. Loving yourself is a sacred act that brings more love into your corner of the world.

September 7 (Spiritual Union):I will find a spiritual union with the Divine.”

If you develop a spiritual daily practice, such as using mantras and a set of hand mudras during meditation, or daily devotional prayer, you will have a strong spiritual union with the Divine. By finding that spiritual union, you find that your dreams, your intentions, your vision boards, your gratitude journals, and your goals manifest more easily and more clearly in your life. By working on growing spiritually and connecting to your higher self, your spiritual union brings more Divine blessings to you.

September 8 (Rejoice in Celebrations): “I will celebrate the small victories in my life and rejoice in the growth reaching them brings.”

Make a big deal out of the smallest victory. Celebrate it like you would someone’s birthday or promotion. By celebrating and rejoicing in the smallest details, they will only start to grow and become more plentiful in your life. So go for it. It doesn’t matter how small the victory is. Have a blow-out party, invite those who love to see you smile, who laugh, and can rejoice in this celebration with you. Make it B-I-G. The bigger the better!

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