Start Over With Your Sun Sign

Take Action

On August 21, the windows to the Universe opened during the eclipse, giving you insights into your life’s purpose. The eclipse also energized you to take action to make change happen. Every one of us can reset, redo, change, and start over.

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Those impossible ideas and hopes of yours are not so impossible! We’re in the sign of Virgo, which represents a rich time for planting ideas that will fully bloom. Relationship opportunities, in particular, will bloom, so think about love, career, and your friends at this time.

By the Autumnal eclipse on September 22, when the Sun enters Libra, you’ll be experiencing a new world built upon diplomacy, beauty, justice, and grace. You just need to start over, and your Sun sign can tell you where to put your focus!


Those revolutionary thoughts of yours can serve you well as long as they are based on everyone and everything you love. You’ll be working even harder than usual but with exhilarated happiness. Start over to create wonders in your love life and your partnerships.


You have a vision of a beautiful future that includes creativity, children, and/or simple, playful sex to bring excitement into an existing or new relationship. This will reveal a strong spiritual relationship with other people and the power of the universe.


Your new life begins at home, with family or friends you might relate to online. They may also be a source of unexpected income or other forms of fulfillment in your life to help you start over. Bounce your inspired ideas off others and what evolves could reveal your new direction.


You find new financial avenues to achieve what you want from areas you hadn’t considered before. It will require working out the details of what you envision. You’ll find the will to invent the financial flow that creates your dreams in your love and creative life, as well as in your career.


That amazing late-August solar eclipse impacted you in a powerful way, particularly if you were born in the late days of the sign (August 26 – 31). Your life is changing profoundly, but you’re feeling in charge of those changes. They’re from your soul. A new approach to your self-image and relationships will be a powerful, positive change for you.


You have been through intense changes and growth through the past few years, and now you’re ready to dig deep and work within yourself to start over. What you may find surprising is that this inner work will bring outer success. You’ll let go of things that have held you back, and you find yourself with the resources to be the real you.


This is a perfect time to consider your greatest desires. Meditate or enjoy quiet contemplation, particularly when it comes to how you wish to serve others to bring yourself real joy. It’s even possible you may change your work situation. You love beauty and fairness in relationships with greater love unfolding later in the month.


Career demands may have reached a critical point recently with some challenges being getting others to communicate clearly. Unleash your own creativity to speak the truth to yourself, and you’ll discover an impactful new way to communicate that will reveal the new you, bringing new beginnings more love.


Your spiritual pursuits and belief systems have been shifting, as you’ve worked to make them feel real and powerful in your life. While this may have been unsettling, you’ve been building a new area of knowledge and wisdom, and it’s time to share it by teaching or writing an inspired book or blog.


Your revolutionary ideas about your true purpose are ready to be heard by the world, or at least upper management in your career. Act when you’re sure that you have the financial foundation to really move ahead with that new business or break through new barriers where you work. There will certainly be some truly brilliant offerings.


You’ve been working on new relationships, or have had some surprising new additions to your life. Some of these could become lifetime friendships, new loves or new business relations. Be your natural, open self and let them in when you start over. Your love and friends will mirror the true, new you.


Your insights into your own psyche have been fiercely revealing lately. You see your place in the inspired intelligence of the universe and you’re being compelled to express that. Your partners may be struggling with the new you, so take care when expressing yourself in your uniquely creative way. Once that happens, you’ll be filled with joy in your life.

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