This Week in Mantras: August 19 – 25

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers wisdom, harmony, solitude, triumph, and more in This Week in Mantras. Are you ready to use these powerful mantras every day?

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August 19 Mantra (Wisdom): “There are two words of wisdom that are important: pay attention.”

It is only by really paying attention that you can allow your own wisdom to lead you on the right path. By listening to those you trust, but then taking what they say to heart and seeing if it rings true for you, you find your true wisdom. You have the wisdom to move your life in the path you want. And that is the path that will be for your own higher good and bring you true peace and happiness.

August 20 Mantra (Harmony): “He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.” – Marcus Aurelius

There is truth in this statement. You have to own your feelings and trust that you are working towards your own greater good. But in working towards your higher power, you also work towards the greater good for the rest of the world. You also have to use the talents you were born with to make the life you want. When you appreciate your talents and those of others, then the world is able to move forward in harmony.

August 21 Mantra (Triumph): “With your higher self and Guardian Angels, you can triumph over anything.”

Call to your Guardian Angels. Call on the strength of your higher self. With both of these energy sources working with you, you can triumph over anything. Your higher self wants to help you, and so do your Guardian Angels. Their true strength comes when you call on them to help you find the courage to reach for your goals. When you accomplish your goals, you have triumphed over the lower vibration holding you back.

August 22 Mantra (Power): “You have the power to overcome anything. It only takes a bit of belief in yourself to achieve your dreams.”

You have everything you need to achieve your goals. Your own power is there, however, you just have to believe and know that you have it. Your power gets you through the tough spots in life. It’s one of the things you were given before you were born, and you have everything you needed to be happy. Your power is part of the Divine spark that makes you, YOU!

August 23 Mantra (Solitude): “Hermits go over by themselves in solitude, but they come back to tell us what they’ve learned.”

Yes, sometimes you do need to go and be a hermit. When you do, you will get away from the chaos and noise that block your own inner guidance from talking to you. Yes, it will sound like you talking to you. However, in this solitude, you will find the other Divine voice that will commune with you and show you the right path forward towards your own bliss.

August 24 Mantra (Destiny): “Destiny is changing every day, so keep your eyes open for the direction change.”

Yes, you do have a destiny in this life, but the path isn’t always straight. That is because your destiny is full of lessons that you need to face. You face them so that you will recognize your destiny when you reach it. You will also find that a new destiny is revealed once you reach the first milestone of your true destiny.

August 25 Mantra (Balance): “Balance comes from being able to go through all the lessons that life hands you as you move forward.”

You will find that you have a balance between work and reward. You will even see that the balance in relationships is not fully measured at this time, however, it is always moving forward along with the relationship. But in your life, everything will balance out, and your reward will match your work.

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