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It’s Easier to Change Than to Fear It

So you want to change. You even know exactly what you want to change. I bet you’ve even tried and tried to change, but it never stuck. Why is that? Deep, deep down into your subconscious, something doesn’t want to change.

Evolving doesn’t just take determination. Sometimes, you need to take a step back and examine what’s really holding you back. As Psychic Glenna ext. 5418 said in the video: “It’s all about the fear around change…. Just flow with it and have a bit of faith.”

I’m stuck at 219 pounds. I eat well and exercise often. So why isn’t the weight coming off? Because something in my subconscious thinks it’s a good idea to be at 219 pounds, even though consciously I don’t believe that. I’m a walking contradiction and I bet you are as well.

I’m a firm believer that sometimes our subconscious protects us, even if it what it’s doing isn’t helpful. Even when I lost a few pounds and fell below 219, I would eventually get back up to that annoying number. At some point in time, my subconscious thought that what it was doing was helpful and it just kept doing it.

For instance, I used to weigh 300 pounds. At some point, I told myself that it would be great to get under 220 pounds. I did. I got to 219 pounds, which was great! Now I want to get to an even lower weight, but I didn’t tell my subconscious to change what it was doing.

So how do you change this? Glenna recommends: “Don’t pre-think… go through the day and just see what [the change] feels like.” If you feel fear creeping up, try this from Glenna: “If you stay in the moment, it’s not usually fearful.”

Talk to a psychic, like Glenna, who understands how to find the blockages. They can find out what will happen when you remove the blocks and what sort of effort it will take to remove them.

You can also talk to your subconscious. Imagine what that thing looks like that is blocking you. It could be an object, dragon, person or stuffed animal (speaking from personal experience here). Next, thank the thing for helping you out. It did the best it could even though it’s now blocking you. Now, give it a new task. In my case, I told it the new weight I want and it agreed. This change lasts for as long as you want. Try it and see if it works for you!

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