Vibrations Matter

Have you ever really thought about some of the terminology we use to describe our moods? If you say that your spirits are “low,” people immediately conclude that you are troubled or depressed. However, an extreme victory or positive experience may cause such a “rush” that you are flying “high” for days.

Words such as high, low, rush, up, and down can be used to portray not only how we are feeling, but also describe the vibes in which we are living and emitting.

Everything is energy
Everything that exists, whether or not you can see or touch it, is made up of energy. From the floor that is beneath your feet to the thoughts that run through your mind, it all boils down to energy, and energy is never still.

For all intents and purposes, a floor is solid matter. You can see it, touch it and it supports your weight. Seems like it is just sitting there, serving its flooring purpose, but that doesn’t mean that it is still. The energy that makes up the floor is hard at work, moving and vibrating at just the right speed and frequency to maintain its solid structure and physical appearance.

Thoughts are no less real than the floor beneath your feet, but they vibrate at a different speed and frequency. You may not be able to touch them, but that doesn’t make them any less substantial. Your body also has its own vibrations. After all, there is a whole lot going on underneath the skin that most of us don’t really think about!

Can you feel it?
We all have good days and bad, but have you ever really paid attention to how life tends to flow in relation to your mood? How about when you meet someone for the first time and immediately like or dislike them, without really knowing why? Everyone and everything is throwing off vibrations. Sometimes, we are consciously aware of the resonance and frequency, and the intermingling vibrations that either harmonize or repel. Because like attracts like, the vibes that we emit are similar to a mating call, drawing in people, events and things that exist on the same or similar vibrational plane as our own.

Most times, looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. When we are feeling good about our selves and our lives, we tend to have a bit more confidence and it shows. We are more charismatic, appearing brighter and more beautiful – to ourselves and others. Those “happy to be alive” days are the best. We may dismiss them as luck or a fluke, but the reality is we have kicked our vibrations up a notch, and we are emitting and feeling an energetic boost.

Harmonize energy
When our vibrations are low, we are more tired, pessimistic and can even be mean or depressed. Those vibrations are the energy we project and the energy we attract. This vibe is more likely to cause a bad hair day, get us caught in traffic and possibly top it all off by having our morning coffee spill on us before the big meeting or presentation. We tend to look at the incidents as the cause or source for our state of vibration, but many times it is our vibrations that attract the incidents.

Not all of us are meant to be one of those happy-shiny people who are bouncing off the walls with boundless energy, but each of us does have a positive vibrational groove. We’ve all experienced that level of harmony before, and with a little effort we can find it, maintain it and even increase it. Like a finely tuned automobile, when our mental and physical energies are in harmony, we hum with personal power.

Change your vibe
Life is probably never going to be easy, but there’s no law that states we have to continually add to the chaos and confusion. With a little bit of effort, each and every one of us can be a little better and a little brighter, which will help clear away some of our obstacles or attract what we need to surmount them.

If life isn’t going the way you want it to, change it. Put down that never-ending list of everything you have to do, and all the things you don’t have for five minutes and simply focus on yourself. Understand that in your life, you are the point of origin – the place where everything begins. Therefore, the vibrations you project are like a magnet, drawing in things of the same frequency. When you truly understand that principle, you will feel a shift in consciousness and your vibrations will begin to change in accordance with that shift.

Words like “can’t,” “want” and “never” may begin to fade if your quest is one geared toward happiness and improvement. These low frequency words are powerful, particularly in thought, especially if you believe them. They are heavy and limiting, and what they hold down and hold back is your vibrations – the essence of you. Try replacing them with will, can and deserve, and you have just created opportunity rather than obstacle. Believe those words and your vibrations will increase, lighten… and so will you.

A higher frequency
Changing your vibes can be fairly easy, but maintaining that shift may take a little practice. Fortunately, there is opportunity in every thought and every action. Focus on the good things in your life, even when things are tough. Visualize yourself as you want to be. Meditate. Exercise. Recite positive affirmations of your own creation or ones that resonate well with you. Absorb the energy of music that lifts you, pumps you up, or brings you peace. Sing. Dance. These are only a few simple things you can do to raise your frequency, but with consistent and conscious effort, you will be able to measure your improvement and success.

Our perceptions not only influence, but also create our realities. Like a ripple caused by throwing a pebble into water, the vibes we send expand and touch others just as their vibes are flowing and seeking us. Some moments in life seem so perfect. Even though those moments pass, their vibrations can remain. Surround yourself with the people and things that you love and make you feel good and consciously project the same.

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