How to Use Your Own Energy to Attract Abundance

Energy That Attracts or Repels Abundance

Have you ever tried to attract abundance, but you haven’t seen results? If you’ve used the Law of Attraction but you haven’t been attracting anything but flies, you’re certainly not alone. Don’t worry though because you’re about to find out what ingredients have been missing from your manifestation recipe. You’ll also learn how to use your own energy to attract abundance, not just once, but for all time.

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Blocks and Obstacles

Attracting abundance into your life has a few more ingredients than just wishing and hoping—although those are positive things to add. Instead, what you want to do is eliminate the negative blocks and obstacles that are keeping you from manifesting your dreams. Those obstacles can include:

•Not being grateful for what you already have
•Harboring grudges against people
•Being unable to forgive
•Hanging on to old rivalries or resentments
•Wishing negative outcomes for people who have hurt you
•Surrounding your hopes and dreams with doubt that you’ll ever realize them
•Not feeling worthy enough
•Holding on to outdated relationships because you’re unable to move on

Negative Emotions Only Hurt You

These are all negative uses of your energy and they won’t help you attract abundance. Negative actions and emotions are like swallowing poison—you’re actually hurting yourself when you’re probably hoping for the opposite. If you’re aiming those emotions at others, the truth is that they are most likely unaware, and you’re the one being hurt.

Accept Things and Move On

The same thing holds true for relationships. If you break up with someone and you don’t let yourself accept it and move on, you’re creating a negative block and you’re holding yourself back from living a happy, abundant life. In order to find love you have to feel love—and maybe even a little acceptance and forgiveness for yourself as well as for others. 

Connect With the Universe

The original Wi-Fi connection has been in existence for a long, long time. It exists between you and the Universe. Your guides, your angels, and your faith all have a deep interest in helping you reach your highest energetic vibration. Whether you speak aloud or invite them into your thoughts through meditation, they will help you manifest your deepest desires and attract abundance. The Universe operates at a very high frequency. The higher your vibrational level, the easier it will be to connect and communicate with the Universe.

Good Vibrations

Energy is a two-way street. You emit energy and you attract energy. When you emit energy at a low vibration, you attract low vibrational energies such as sadness, guilt, and bitterness. When you emit energy at a higher vibration, you attract higher frequency energies, such as love, happiness, and joy. If you raise your vibrational level, good things start to happen, the Universe opens up and life begins to shift—not just in one area of life, but in all areas of life and in a major way.

When things happen in your life that are not so joyful or wonderful (because this is Earth, not Heaven), you’ll be able to look at them with acceptance and forgiveness or as part of a bigger picture too. You’ll also see events for what they are and won’t view them as personal attacks. Therefore, wear your energy like a magnetic badge of honor that allows you to repel negativity and attract abundance.

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  1. Saroj

    Thank U so much for such an useful article. Most of the times we r doing all these things unknowingly & we say that Yes! I am right. But no ! Its not true. Better we care at every moment & aware of energetic exposure of our energy. Thanks once again.



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