Use Karma to Expose Your Life Path

Karma, Destiny and What We Learned From Our History Teachers

Over the years many clients have asked me about their life path/ destiny. Most think of life path as life here now, some in a general sense, others think of this as one direction or thing you must complete this lifetime. How do you really know what that is? How about karma and how it fits into the equation? Karma is a part of everything you do. You carry positive and negative karma from past life too. Your life path is to repeat things to a degree (karma). Learning about how to move your life forward mostly within your own comfort zone. Your comfort zone will change as time goes by. Why, you ask? As you learn, you understand your life path better and comfort zone. How you looked at life at 16 years old isn’t how you look at life at 30 years of age. As you learn and grow, so does the life path. Staying mostly in your comfort zone is the key. What happens when you are forced or you feel you must step out of that comfort zone? At times this will happen and again this has loads of karma all over it. Does this make you guarded and not liking this much? Yes. Isn’t this the process of growing too? Yes it is. Remember change is all around you and how you interact with your comfort zone/ life path will always change too and that is called free will.

Now to the question in the beginning, how do you know what that is: Being the best possible person you can be in anything you do, learning to be human and feel the positive and negative around you. How you interact with others, saying thank you to anyone for their help. Being you is the key and understanding the human experiences keeps you on a life path to completion. One more thing here, I had a teacher back in school I hated. He was a history teacher and I never cared much for him at that time. As I became older and looked back at this, guess what, he’s the only history teacher I ever learned anything from. Why? He made us behave and focus on history. Today I thank him and realize it was him making us behave that I hated. Learn a lot, I sure did. So with age you understand everything more completely and so does your life path. Now you’re wondering what this has to do with destiny, well, let’s find out.

Remember me saying, what keeps you on the life path of completion, destiny is the completion. Destiny is where we all are heading for, in one way or another. Clients who ask me what about their destiny; I tell them, to me, destiny is the completion of life, passing from this lifetime to the spirit. Then starting all over again, being reborn into the human form and starting again. To pass from this lifetime to spirit is the most remarkable thing you can ever feel. I do know, I was there this lifetime. Never felt so much love ever in my life. What I felt, it completed me. Then all at once I was back here. My thought at that moment was, WOW, life after death really does exist. I still feel the love from that moment in time. That’s how I learn to love and understand destiny for me as my life path moves forward once again.

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4 thoughts on “Use Karma to Expose Your Life Path

  1. chun-mei yen

    yes, it is true. I do believe that when we completed certain journey then you will move on to a new journey. keep on learning. in our life we carry alot of Karma. past, today’s and future, (if you dont becareful you will keep on create new Karma).I also believe re-cycle, I shall said we have new will to come back to do new things, but some people just dont pass, because of temptation.
    I also read your 6 way to heal your Karma. very good. thanks.


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