Turn On Your True Power With Psychic Aid!

Tap the Limitless Source of Empowerment Within Yourself and Conquer Life

What is empowerment? What is true power? What’s the best way to understand and fully manifest our own power?

These are critical questions facing all of us, especially in this trying time in history. We opened this question up to our psychics to see what they had to say on the issue, and got some excellent responses:

Cameron ext. 5412 says:

“We all have creative power. Everyone is a creator. If you decide that you’re going to make pasta for dinner tonight, you’re a creator because you have to ‘create’ that meal. We’re creating all the time. We may often feel that we’re victimized by the circumstances around us and feel powerless, not realizing that we’re even creating how we think about a situation. We often have no idea how to fully manifest our power.

“The first thing that must be understood is that there’s a power within all of us that’s not ‘given’ by the world, and can’t be taken away. It exists, and runs through us, and we’re using that power all the time. However, just because we have power doesn’t mean that we feel ‘empowered.’ It’s our choice whether to use that power to our benefit, or to be too critical or hard on ourselves, affirming that we can’t do something we’d like to do.

“The best way to manifest power is to accept the fact that you’re extremely powerful, and that your creative power, when focused correctly, can transform your life. But in order to do this, you have to look at what you focus on, what you’re using your power to create. When you truly know how powerful you are, you finally understand that the only person who has to accept how powerful you are is you. And when you do, miracles happen.”

Anasela ext. 5154 says:

“We’re already empowered!

“I believe we get lost in the debris of how, when, where or to whom empowerment gravitates to. Remember a moment when you wanted something so badly, and you went after it and it manifested? Remember how it felt? That was a moment of self-empowerment.

“See it, believe it, be fearless with your intent and, most importantly, accept it. The blessing with manifesting your own power is that energy will empower everyone around you.”

Shauna ext. 9010 says:

“Manifesting your own power happens simultaneously with the recognition of your own truth. When you realize that there is a path to follow, or life requires you to break through old conditioning, it’s about deciding to manifest that individual path, change, or environment. It’s beyond the law of attraction.

“It’s a major step in re-assembling the blueprint of your future intention, not someone else’s. Intention, combined with images and your own voice, activates the gates of the Universe to make lasting changes in your life. If you want to change your relationship, then decide to do so. If you want to change careers, then decide to do so. This opens the floodgates to bring to you what you need in perfect and miraculous ways.

“Don’t doubt or try to figure out whether it’s possible or not. Realize what your truth is. Is your life controlled by your ‘I’ or someone else’s ‘I’? Is someone or a situation setting limits or boundaries on what you can achieve? Do you feel unworthy of receiving? It’s your God-given right to create and manifest your heart’s desire. Once you know what your heart’s desire is, then decide to manifest it. Think about the strongest influences in your life now. Which one drags or holds you back? Which one inspires you to go for it? Get rid of the levels ‘stuck,’ ‘guilt,’ ‘helpless’ or ‘unworthy.’ You are a miracle created by the Universal Creator, the One. You have to realize that you are not dependent on anyone except this positive life-force within you. Using that force to self-discipline and self-realize, you have the power to manifest your intention.

“Think about this. There is a tribe of American Indians who live in the southwest desert. They depend on the power of prayer to bring rain to their crops. They have to rain dance, pray, and wait for the rain to come. They have no doubt, no fear. A woman who was fortunate to eye-witness one of these ceremonies reported that out of a blue sky came a deluge of rain and the sun was still shining. You are as fully equipped as these Indians are.

“Affirmation: I let go of worn-out things and conditions, and I’m undisturbed by appearances. The tide of destiny has turned and my heart’s desire now manifests in my life in perfect and miraculous ways. My power is irresistible!”

What do power and empowerment mean to you?

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4 thoughts on “Turn On Your True Power With Psychic Aid!

  1. Rickey, Midpines,Ca.

    Susan, do you know what your inner power is, it’s your energy that gives life to your inner self . It’s your gut feeling, it’s that little voice that tells you when your in danger, that your energy force, it’s the energy spirit inside you,without it you wouldnt be alive. Take care.

  2. Reed x 5105psychicreed5105

    I loved the words of writer Marianne Williamson,
    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”

    If you haven’t read this before, look up the entire passage. Five seconds with google could set you on a brand new path to empowerment.

    Reed x5105


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