Triumph Averts Tragedy

I bought a used car recently. This car is beautiful, luxurious and comfortable and represents the abundance I see in my future. My family is blended, with two girls from my previous marriage. Every other year we make a 1,000 mile round trip to meet their father at the halfway point for Christmas.

There are several mountain passes and inclement weather which makes driving conditions exciting — to say the least. 130 miles into the trip at 6am we started to have car trouble. By car trouble I mean we couldn’t drive in reverse. We took it in stride and continued cautiously but my husband and I exchanged knowing glances that this trip is not at all what we expected.

The dashboard indicated that the transmission was overheated. We arrived at the bottom of the pass in a very small town, and added some transmission fluid. The warning message was silenced and we were off! Phew!

We thought our troubles were over when suddenly, 20 feet later, the car completely shut down and wouldn’t restart. I just bought the vehicle nine days ago from a local businessman who wasn’t a stereotypical used car salesman — just like I’m not your stereotypical Psychic — as people often assume upon discovering what I do for a living. I needed to call Dave (not his real name), but I was faced with some difficult choices. Do I treat him like a shady salesman who sold me a lemon disguised in metallic silver? What would my children learn from this experience? Is he really that greasy salesman we all avoid, hiding behind “integrity” and a smile?

I believe the choices you make today are deposits into your future. What was I going to deposit? I opted for grace and compassion. As it turns out, Dave was very apologetic. He even arranged for a tow truck and shuttle to one of the nation’s largest car dealers, since rentals were scarce that holiday weekend. The giant dealership was willing to let us rent their service shuttle so the girls could have Christmas with their Dad! Dave even paid for the rental himself!

Out of nowhere, I spied a blue angel. He was perched on the hood of our car for protection, with his arms wrapped around his curled knees for the rest of our journey.

Please, keep in mind this holiday season that your heart is most important. When you keep an open mind, your heart follows and you can expect unexpected blessings. Our 17 hour trip was extended to 23, and I didn’t utter or hear one complaint! Not even from my children!

I believe the blue angel accompanied us because I adjusted my attitude. Feeling immense gratitude despite the gravity of my circumstances helped me keep my mind limber. My reflexes reacted so quickly and fluidly, that I literally saved us from a devastating accident! One last thing: I followed my intuition and bought the extended service plan that covers transmissions!

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