Tips to Get Out of Your Rut

Most dictionaries define a rut as being 1. A sunken track or groove made by the passage of vehicles 2. A fixed, usually boring routine.

The definition we’re most concerned with is the second, but let’s examine the first, since it may give insight as to how we get into routine ruts in the first place. A sunken track or groove made by the passage of vehicles can be seen as a pretty clear metaphor for life lived to its dullest. If our schedules, habits, activities and thoughts are the roads, while our minds, bodies and souls are the vehicles, we’d be riding along the same road day in, and every single day out – creating a pretty sunken groove and an incredibly boring existence! But for many of us, this routine (or even worse — rut) is reality.

Before we proceed any further, let’s understand that a routine can be looked at as a principle, simply there to guide us. A rut, on the other hand, is akin to a binding rule that restricts you in every way imaginable.

So why do we get into ruts, and how can we avoid them in the future?

Ruts become ruts because we allow our routine to dictate our activities. Whether you think your routine makes you more productive or your routine is used as a comfort mechanism, the bottom line is this: if it’s causing you to be stagnant then it’s time to make a drastic set of changes!

Follow these five simple steps to help change your routine and get you out of your current rut.

Try to be spontaneous
Do things on a whim. Example: go somewhere you’ve never been and don’t plan every detailed step as you’re on your way. Whether it’s an out of town trip or an unexplored part of your neighborhood, trust your gut and follow your intuitions. Don’t allow your routine to dictate your life’s activities!

Be a lifelong learner
Learn something new everyday. Whether it’s as simple as a new word or as complex as a new challenging yoga pose, as Nike says, just do it!

Be adventurous
Try something new every week. It can be something as simple as trying new cuisines that you’ve never had, or maybe take up a different hobby or method of exercise. If you normally walk, then take a jog. If your drink of choice is beer, try a glass of wine. The idea here, and for the most part, is to simply shake things up!

Think differently
This tip is probably the easiest one to try and yet the most difficult one to execute properly. In fact, thinking differently will either have to come prior to trying any of the aforementioned tips, or thinking differently will occur naturally once the above tips are employed in your daily life. An example of thinking differently can be to change your thought pattern – if you always consider the worse possible outcome in any given situation, instead think of the bright side and remain positive before taking the low road.

Get out and stay out
Always challenge yourself with new goals, new ideas and new thoughts. More than anything else, the one thing that will guarantee you a life sans rut is to try and meet and connect with different people. Building a variety of relationships will help shape you and your life and smooth out those grooves made by your routine ways!

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