The Real Secret

Your intentions may not be able to completely control the world around you… but you can control how you react to it.

Over the past few years, The Secret and other books/movies/philosophies like it have brought the power of intention into our cultural consciousness, and that’s a great thing – on a global scale. After all, taking personal responsibility for our circumstances and how we get into them is a key component to leading an enriched, abundant and participatory life. But what about when bad things happen to genuinely well-intentioned people? Natural disasters, corporate lay offs, freak accidents – things that are beyond our control occur all the time, often without any notice. It’s in these situations where the real secret comes into play. The fact is, no matter what you’ve heard, you cannot completely control the world around you (consider the luck of the draw into which we are born and the fact that all of us – not just some – have free will). But you can dictate how you react to outside occurrences good and bad.

It starts with self-confidence
The foundation for happiness in good times and remaining unshaken (or at least unbroken) in the face of adversity is a solid sense of self. If you’ve taken the time to know yourself – who you are, your strengths and weaknesses and what you stand for, not only will you find life in general more pleasant, but you’ll find it easier when the firestorm hits. Just be warned, bravado is a far cry from self-assurance. Cocky people puff up their chests and proclaim their capabilities. Confident people just do it – and know enough to ask for help in the areas where someone else may do it better. Which brings us to…

Ask and you will receive
The power of intention, while not able to prevent a tsunami, is very much real if for no other reason than it dictates the actions you take to achieve the goal. So if you’re faced with a situation where you need help, open yourself up to the possibility of it coming by asking for it – rather than indulging yourself in the fear that it won’t come. Fear-based behavior is a self-fulfilling prophecy. In other words, if you spend your time living in your fear, you all but guarantee it will come true. Instead, ask for and have faith in the assistance you need, and it will be provided… even if it begins an increased sense of inner strength that you can handle all that comes your way.

Cultivate grace under pressure
Over-reacting to any situation is the best way to send the wrong signals to the universe. No matter how awful, work on maintaining composure. If this means you have to believe in the impossible, then do it – so long as you continue to implore the practical. What does that mean? If an accident empties your bank account and your fear is you won’t be able to pay your mortgage, don’t panic and go into a poverty mindset. Instead, have faith that the money will come while you take every step you can think of to ensure that it does. Remaining kind, respectful and grateful when stress is mounting, and it would be natural for fear to take over, sends the message that you operate from a place of love… and that is the best thing you can do to invite more positivity into your life, no matter what the circumstances.

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