The Purpose of Grief

Pulling Back the Veil

Years ago a client told me of her grief at the loss of a friend who was killed in a terror attack. She shared how sad she was that she had never expressed to her friend the respect and admiration she felt for him. She knew he had loved her and she always avoided the subject. She then expressed her gratitude to me for all the psychic help and kind friendship that I had given her over the years. Some of it she had said before, some of it she hadn’t, but now everything poured out with a new intensity and urgency. Her grief had reminded her to say and do all those things that needed saying and doing while there is still time. Grief had broken her heart, and inside she found words and feelings that needed to be shared.

There are times when it is best to speak from the heart, and when we do, the heart knows what to say. The purpose of our heart is to express what it knows, and even in the most fragile situations, the heart will get it right. I spoke to my client-friend as if she had lost a family member, because he had meant that much to her. I could tell she felt bound to this man at a soul level, as family is by blood. While speaking, I realized that in truth, we are all a part of that same soul family. It is only a veil of separateness that blinds us to our personal reality. As psychics we recognize this truth each day.

I asked myself, “Is this the purpose of grief,” to rend back and part the veil? Is it to reveal that soul unity that binds us together in the family of humanity? In my heart I know that it is.

The universe is designed around unity. All things are woven together within the fabric of universal time and space. Now scientists state what mystics have been sharing since the beginning. There is no separatness. Scientists are finally declaring that everything is One. Just as sages teach that relationships do not end at death because life is eternal, and that having loved is never for nothing because everything converts to energy, and love has its own life force – its own living energy that cannot be diminished, then love is never lost. If love never dies, then your love goes on to connect with other people in other ways, time and again.

Grief is painful, and pain is something we try to avoid. As quickly as possible, we focus it into other things such as food, alcohol, sex, drugs, reading, or conversation. Anything to try and avoid being swallowed in the pain of separation. But in doing so we distance ourself from our own emotions and from spirit, that soul connection that heals the heart and offers us the growth rendering us able to reach out to others in loving kindness again.

I once heard that love is a broken heart; that you can’t know love until it is shattered. Those ideas seemed a mystery to me, errors of opinion, untruths. Now though, as tragic events, illness and loss seem to be a part of daily life I wonder if it isn’t happening by cosmic design so that we question why and reach out beyond the pain and fear into something larger. When we allow ourselves to grieve, it opens up the reservoir of grief we keep sealed up within us. What if, as we reach out, it opens us up to something more? To coming closer to the soul that binds us to one another, closer to spirit, and to the love and compassion that flows from our heart to other hearts, and into the soul of humanity that helps us feel the oneness that both scientists and mystics now teach is there?

4 thoughts on “The Purpose of Grief

  1. marc from the uk

    I would like to thank the author for this article. I am on a learning curve with finding myself rather than carrying on ignorent to the veil of life. I have separated with my wife and people say why are you friendly? why are you positive although you have had hurts and let downs, they view it with suspicion, but me? I see it that I am growing as a person, and to do this is to be free of hurts, sadness, badness etc. The way forward is to understand and be caring and kind. Yes I am human and I have slip ups and and bad days like most people, however I am teaching myself to be free of these things by studying about life after life. A reassuring article and well written that leads me to continue my belief that Iam on the right path.Thanks again California Psychics.

  2. Fiona x5178

    Quinn, I so agree with you about celebrating the lives of our loved ones–human and otherwise, after they have gone on to the next plane of life. If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years being a medium, it is that our loved ones over there don’t want us to grieve for them. They want us to be at peace. Time and again what they say is that they want us to celebrate their lives, the relationships we had with them, and to remember them fondly. They come around to visit us on the other side just as they did when they were here on Earth. Although they have taken on invisibility, the spirit and essence of who they are continues on. There in the world of spirit they release anger, attitudes, sorrow, disturbances, and any negativity that held them back on Earth. They see with the eyes of spirit–and they forgive. Our loved ones over there have the time of their lives getting reaquainted with family, friends, and others they have not seen in ages. As all readers know, the other side is real. Let us celebrate their lives, and our own lives, and make the most of now.
    Blessings everyone, Fiona.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Fantastic article, Fiona !!!!

    Well written piece on such a complex and spiritual topic…and so true.

    For those of you out there that have not yet had a reading with Fiona, you are missing out on a wonderful experience !

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  4. -quinn

    beautiful thoughts fiona…

    over my many years of life i have since the age of six experienced death of loved ones. boyfriends, parents, grandparents, husbands, relatives, so so so many.
    for me i do not greive – i celebrate their lives with all the wonderful memories left in the file cabinets of my mind.
    not to mention my many pets –
    when i get to where it is that one goes after this life i am sure i will be welcomed by an army of loved ones – the keepers of the gates with my big dogs by their sides.
    if i cry it is because i am happy that i have known so many wonderful people, and that i can keep their teachings and experiences i have shared alive at least in my mind or to share a good story with others.

    ~~~metta waves~~~


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