The Power of Thinking Positively is Not a Fairy Tale

Lessons Learned From Cinderella

We seem to be surrounded by these encouraging words: “Be positive!” But that isn’t always easy to do—especially when we are faced with challenges, or surrounded by negative people. But since April is Positivity Month, I’d like to discuss the power of positive thinking. Positive thinking is what helps us stay positive, even when faced with tough challenges. Don’t believe me? Let’s ask Cinderella!

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More Than a Classic Fairy Tale

More than just a classic fairy tale character, Cinderella is a teacher. She teaches everyone who reads about her that there is power in thinking positively when faced with challenges. Remember, Cinderella had a hard life. She lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters. Her stepmother was a demanding woman who liked to give orders. Her stepsisters were spoiled, and were never made to do chores. Cinderella did all the housework and she also got the worst clothing to wear. Her only companions were her animal friends. She lived like this for many years before that famous incident with the glass slipper.

Optimistic, Positive and Caring

But in all the stories you’ve read about Cinderella, even the Disney movies, she always demonstrates a nature that is optimistic, positive, and caring, and she has an easy smile. Why is that? What does she have to be happy about? How can she smile while having to work so hard when the people around her live an easier life?

An Attitude of Gratitude

Cinderella has an attitude of gratitude. She makes the best with what she has. She’s happy she has a home. Her room may not be the best room in the house, but she has a room of her own. She may not get to eat the best food, but it nourishes her. The housework may be physically demanding, but it keeps her in shape. That’s called thinking positively.

Her Happily Ever After

And we all know how Cinderella’s story turns out in the end. She meets a handsome prince and lives happily ever after. Her positive thinking helped her overcome her life’s challenges and helped her find true happiness. Don’t you want the same thing?

4 Ways to Harness the Power of Thinking Positively

Here are four things to do when the Universe presents you with a difficult situation:

1. Find something to be grateful for. Even the most difficult challenges have positive aspects.
2. When you find something to be grateful for, hold on to that feeling as long as you can. And then refer back to it any time you slip into a negative space.
3. Be patient. Thinking positively is great and if you do it enough it changes your vibrations. However, changing your vibrations takes time.
4. Anytime you get knocked down, pick yourself up, smile and keep moving forward.

Every moment you’re alive brings about the opportunity for positive change. Practice thinking positively every day! The worst that will happen is that you will feel better.

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