The Male Mind: 3 Ways to Get What You Want from Men

Tell Him What You Want/Need

There is no great mystery lurking behind the eyes of men. There is no great secret about how to communicate with men. So why do women have so many problems communicating with men?

Simply put: we expect them to communicate and process information like we do. In fact, they do not.

1. Stop Assuming

Way too often I assume I know how my loved one will react in a situation. If the kitchen is dirty and I’m extremely busy with work and other obligations, surely he will pitch in and do it, right? Wrong. Men, typically, are not mind readers. While women can be very empathetic and see the big picture, men do not. There are exceptions, I know. If you’re assuming he will just know, you’re wrong. Talk to him bluntly. Tell him what you want or need.

2. Compartmentalize Information

As Psychic Hern ext. 5239 explains in the video, men chunk information into boxes or categories. Even Michael ext. 9604 stated something similar in his video on the male mind. Most men think in a logical manner. Women think a lot of things at once. Currently, I’m writing this article and planning what I want for dinner (for the next week!). So shift your consciousness, and break down what you want or need him to do.

3. Put it Simply and Be Straightforward

How many times have you just needed to vent and your significant other tries to solve all your problems? In my experience, men are problem-solvers. At the beginning of your conversation, you probably thought he would just know that you needed him to listen. That was an assumption. I now tell my boyfriend when I just want to vent, no solutions, just venting. He listens attentively, and I feel better.

Also, give your man the courtesy of what you’re thinking and explain your emotions as logically as you can. When I’m overwhelmed, stressed and my hormones are a bit out of control, I state it! I don’t apologize, unless I’m truly being a class act of meanness, but I let him know what’s going on in my head. It helps him understand your “moodiness” and removes the mystery of understanding your mind.

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3 thoughts on “The Male Mind: 3 Ways to Get What You Want from Men

  1. wordpress

    I have to say one thing – women spend way too much time worrying about whether they understand the man, how to save his ego without destroying yours, “sixty ways to keep him and not lose him to the next female predator walking by”, worrying about whether you are the best (fill in the blank – lover, looking girl he knows, cook, etc, etc). Get ON with your life – life is made up of lots of challenging and interesting things – men and a (soul) mate are one of them. Take a leaf out of their book – develop your own interests, take pride in your career, be happy with your children (with or without their father), improve your integrity (they need to take care of their own – you can’t change pig into a prince), savor your independence (sure you can use their muscles to move stuff) but learn how to do lots of stuff yourself – don’t be a helpless ninny. For some reason, men like to help women who are already capable of taking care of themselves (a challenge to improve the situation) but don’t help the woman who is too needy. Always, keep something of yourself to yourself – even if you’ve been married for many years – men appreciate a woman who retains a certain “something” they can’t quite reach – it retains their “chase” instincts. Don’t lose your pride, take a stance on the REALLY important points and if you have to set a mandate (“unless this stops…..then this is what I’m going to do”) – if he doesn’t improve what you’ve asked for – immediately follow up on what you threatened – don’t hesitate. Even if you don’t stay together – you can live with your mojo intact and it won’t set you up for a jaded perspective when the next/right guy does come along.

  2. misskrystal

    This is excelent information in this video-I agree with everything Hern says, here. Very impressed.
    I think this would all apply most definitely-For the record, I did learn, a while ago, that telling my partner what I would like, for special holidays, etc. is much better. So I totally agree, with that part, too! Wonderful. Bravo.
    Miss Krystal

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Very nice article and video, Hern !!!! Well Done !!!!

    Just one more tip, if I may……
    Don’t repeat yourself and thus become a nag…..pick the right moment, say it once and leave it be… will tune you out if you start hammering them about the same topic over and over.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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