The Comfort of Signs

Sometimes we get a sign when we are not even actively looking for one. Beth often wondered whether her late grandfather had become her Spirit Guide. They had always been especially close. In her practical mind, she thought there was no way she could ever know for sure. Months passed and she never gave it another thought. Then one day she went on a long drive to visit an old college friend. She hadn’t slept that well the night before and was very tired. Suddenly she nodded off and her car went off onto the shoulder and was about to plunge over a cliff. Suddenly she felt hands over her hands and she quickly woke up in time to steer the car back onto the road.

Badly shaken, she saw a license plate on the car directly in front of her. In the license plate was her grandfather’s name “Ted.” Then another car passed her and it had the first 5 letters of her grandfather’s phone number. Then another car pulled up next to her and it was a green Camry – the exact same car that her grandfather had driven. Suddenly she realized that the hands that she had felt on her hands were her grandfather’s hands in spirit. Overcome with emotion, Beth realized that her grandfather was her spirit guide after all!

We often get signs that help us with our love lives. Melody had just about given up that Zak Dallas, her on-again, off-again boyfriend would ever come back to her. One day she had to visit a new location for her job and she noticed with a start that it was located on “Dallas Drive.” While she was waiting for her client, she checked her email and found that someone named “Mike Dallas” had emailed her from a new dating site she was on. Then her client greeted her and, in the small talk before their business meeting, mentioned that he had just gotten back from Dallas, Texas. Suddenly Melody had a wonderful feeling come over her that Zak would come back to her after all. The next month he did come back to her. Melody realized that on that day when “Dallas” kept coming up, she had been given a sign that everything was going to be alright.

Have you experienced any signs from the Universe? Tell us about them!

One thought on “The Comfort of Signs

  1. Lightline

    I don’t know how many people in this world are waiting for someone to come back in their lives. And it just gives me hope that I will be able to manifest my dear friend (almost feel like a love to me) / How and when – I’ll leave it to UNIVERSE.

    By the way, by any chance, is there a way to know if our feelings are absolutely correct?

    Love and Light.


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