Summer Thrills by Sign

Whether it’s rock climbing or lazing on the beach with a good book, every sign has its pleasure zone. And with the lazy days of summer in full swing, why not engage in something that brings you joy? Use our easy astrology guide to find your summertime bliss…

If you’re a typical Fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) – or you have lots of fire placements in your chart – you’re an adventure-addict. You crave excitement and often seek out activities that engage you physically. For the most daring, mountain climbing, skydiving or camping out in the wilderness may be your thing. Or perhaps you’d rather go horseback riding, gather together a group of friends for a scavenger hunt or assemble a baseball or soccer team for weekend games. Additionally, competitive, daring Aries enjoys team sports and exploring relatively untouched areas (think Himalayas and jungles of Africa). Dramatic Leo might rather go out clubbing, throw a party or attend a concert or play. Spontaneous, spiritual Sagittarius will delight in a surprise weekend trip to Paris, a tour of Asian religious sites or a standup-comedy performance. For Fire Signs, the more high-energy, the better.

If you’re a typical Air sign (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) – or you have lots of air placements in your chart – you’re a curious creature who craves social and mental stimulation. Road trips, parasailing, attending a poetry reading, taking a class or stargazing at an observatory can get you revved up. Additionally, restless, talkative Gemini will go just about anywhere on a moment’s notice. Learning a second language or starting a book club can fulfill their need to communicate. Beauty-loving Libra enjoys art openings and fairs, social gatherings of any kind and creating a gorgeous ambiance for parties. Socially conscious, eccentric Aquarius enjoys humanitarian-related activities (think Peace Corp project), science museums, sci-fi conventions, motorcycle rides and exploring foreign cultures. Generally speaking, Air signs like to explore the cultural and social aspects of whatever they’re involved in.

If you’re a typical Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) or have lots of water placements in your chart, activities centering around beaches, lakes or streams can induce bliss. Lazing on the sand, sailing, cruising, fishing or simply strolling along a creak is both pleasurable and healing for you. Or why not take a houseboat vacation? Also, activities that involve friends and family fulfill your need for strong emotional ties. Additionally, Cancer foodies will enjoy hosting a potluck party or barbeque, taking a gourmet cooking class or arranging a picnic for a family gathering. Lusty, mysterious Scorpio might enjoy a sexy romp on the beach, taking a tour of haunted sites or hosting a murder mystery or outdoor masquerade ball. Imaginative, dreamy Pisces would delight in a photography trip, visiting an ashram or starting a garage band (my Pisces-husband’s suggestion). Mainly, Water signs need to engage in activities that help them decompress from stress.

If you’re a typical Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) – or you have lots of earth placements in your chart – you’ll find enjoyment from being out in nature via hiking, camping, touring a botanical garden, or visiting a zoo or natural history museum. And let’s not forget the sensual pleasures of massage, spa treatments and just plain sex. Nature-loving, artistic Taurus revels in all manner of sensual activities (think facials, foot-rubs and fine dining). Also, finding treasures from craft fairs and swap meets, and lazily communing with nature. Virgo can quiet their workaholic natures through a volunteer vacation that helps a community, an exquisitely planned trip (no spontaneity here, unless you have some fire in your chart) or a relaxing reflexology session. If industrious Capricorn can leave their work behind, they can enjoy a classic tour of Europe, an evening of dining and music or, for the more adventurous, an African safari. When taking time off, no one knows how to relax like an Earth sign.

No matter what your sign, enjoy the summer!

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