Spring Forward: The 4 Things We Gain When We Lose an Hour

Springing Ahead

Daylight savings time is upon us—meaning that we’re going to have to roll those clocks ahead. This so-called “spring forward” can leave many of us feeling a bit sluggish—losing an hour will do that to you! But the time change can also be a great opportunity. Here are four reasons to help you look at daylight savings time in a more positive light.

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1. You’ll Get More Time for Fun After Work
Clearly, this is the biggest, most impactful benefit. Before daylight savings time, you may have left the office after dark—and this keeps many of us from engaging in social activities post-work. Who can blame us?! Now that we’ve moved forward an hour, you’ll see the light, literally, and you’ll be more motivated to meet friends for happy hour, dinner, or what have you. Being social during the weekdays can enrich your life in many ways, of course, but having fun after work will keep you from feeling the effects of running the rat race and make your day-to-day seem more balanced.

2. You’ll Be More Active
Another major perk of daylight savings time and having more light is that it encourages you to spend time outside or simply be more active after work. It’s not easy to get yourself to go for a run or hit the gym when it’s already dark outside—our Circadian rhythms tell us it’s already time for sleep! But when it’s still light out, you’ll find the inspiration you need to get moving. In fact, you may even feel the desire to go for a hike, head to the beach or take a long walk with your dog after leaving the office. All of these activities will help you relax, unwind, recharge and will do your body good.

3. It’s Easier to Sleep In On the Weekends
With the days staying lighter later, that means the mornings will also stay darker later. If you’re not a morning person, this is great news: Your body will naturally want to sleep later since the sun won’t make its debut until a later hour. If your bedroom doesn’t have solid curtains or blackout window coverings, this can be a huge relief to those who are typically awakened by the morning light. If you have children, another perk may be that your kids will sleep later as well, allowing you a bit more time in bed before you have to prepare breakfast and begin your parenting duties for the day.

4. Sunrises Are More Consistent
According to Stanford University, during this time of year sunrises happen at a more consistent time. So, whether you like to get up with the sun or sleep in, the day will get lighter more consistently, allowing you to form a more solid sleep/wake schedule. Having a more constant wake-up time is important for feeling more restful and establishing a routine, which can be helpful as you go about your days.

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