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Internationally acclaimed spiritual author and lecturer Marianne Williamson has written nine New Age books to date – including four #1 New York Times bestsellers. She has lectured on metaphysical topics all over the world, and is a minister in the Unity church.

She also founded Project Angel Food (a meals-on-wheels service for homebound people with debilitating diseases such as AIDS), and she co-founded The Peace Alliance, which campaigns for legislation to establish a U.S. Department of Peace.

She gained worldwide fame after Oprah endorsed her book, A Return to Love, during a show in 1992. The book is about Williamson’s experiences as a teacher of A Course in Miracles, a channeled work by Dr. Helen Schucman and Dr. William Thetford that combines many of the principles of Christianity, Eastern philosophies, mysticism and psychology. Such themes include the tug-of-war between God and ego, knowledge and perception, truth and illusion. Currently, she hosts a weekly radio show on Oprah and Friends, and a daily podcast called MiracleThought on Oprah.com.

Looking at all she has accomplished, one would think she was born with her destiny laid out in front of her. Not so. She floundered early on with an identity crisis and low self-esteem, which propelled her into a series of incompatible relationships and temporary jobs, including an unsuccessful stint as a jazz singer in New York.

In the 1970s she discovered A Course in Miracles, and everything changed. This discipline helped define her spiritual life, and it gave her a sense of purpose. Let’s explore her astrology chart, to see where her exceptional spiritual focus comes from.

Williamson was born in Houston, Texas, on July 8, 1953. The focal point of her chart is Uranus, the sign of enlightenment, brotherhood and individuality. Although she has Sun and Venus in Cancer, conjunctions to Uranus give the normally home-centered sign an undeniable penchant for personal growth. Uranus also lends her an unconventional personality that craves freedom – she is individualistic, and dislikes being confined by tradition.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon – it’s the sign of emotions, femininity and motherhood. Although Williamson was married briefly and has a daughter from another relationship, she doesn’t share the domestic focus so common to Cancers. Still, the sign shows up in other ways. Her book, Emma & Mommy Talk to God, advocates nourishing children’s souls through spiritual principles. In A Woman’s Worth, Williamson offers insights about the modern feminine path. Other books focus on intimacy, and on healing emotional issues. As for her creativity, Mercury in dramatic Leo bestowed the gift of storytelling upon her. Williamson’s books have a compelling personal quality that comes from both the Cancer and the Leo placements.

Another focal point in Williamson’s chart is Neptune, which squares the Cancer placements. Neptune is the planet of spirituality and oneness. The center of Williamson’s teachings is faith in a higher power, the power of prayer – and loving oneself and others without judgment. These are all Neptunian themes.

Neptune is also the planet of delusion. Williamson’s lack of purpose and identity were the result of an afflicted Neptune. Great spiritual focus can overcome the negative effects of this tricky planet, and Williamson is an excellent example of what can happen when one embraces the positive energy of Neptune. Also, her Moon in practical Capricorn counteracts the nebulous effects of Neptune, by giving her some emotional grounding.

As for romance, an unconventional love life suits her perfectly. With such a strong Uranus, she undoubtedly prefers to be independent. Venus in Cancer often associates love with motherhood -and in 1990 Williamson became a single mother to daughter India Emmaline. Because Cancer rules nourishment, Project Angel Food is also the perfect outlet for her nurturing instincts.

Mars in Scorpio indicates an extremely strong will. Williamson can appear temperamental and uncooperative at times, especially when she feels strongly about something. She’s stubborn, determined and deeply emotional. She refers to herself as “the bitch of God.” Mars in Scorpio also gives her tremendous healing power, and the ability to help others transform their lives.

In A Return to Love, Williamson proclaims that we don’t fear our inadequacies as much as we do our spiritual power. She advises us to share who we truly are: “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

Let your own light be an inspiration to others.

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