Numerology Forecast: Take Advantage of the High-Powered, Achievement-Oriented Energies

Both numerology and astrology are pretty peaceful this week, allowing you to really focus on taking advantage of the high-powered, achievement-oriented energies of this 8 Universal Month. The trick is to remember that Mercury is still in retrograde — briefly revisit everything after the 15th.

Also, Monday’s visionary 11/2 (1+1=2) energy provides you with an excellent opportunity to use Mercury’s retrograde motion to re-examine communications, presentations and agreements you’ve made since March. Even better, use the penetrating insights provided by Mercury’s cooperative connection with Pluto (deep transformation) to look more deeply than you have before.

Monday’s Master Number 11/2 is also boosted by the fact that Chiron, the planet of the wounded healer, last week began a brief foray into Pisces (dreams, imagination, creativity and lack of boundaries) through mid July, not returning till next year. You can use 11, 2, 33, 7 and 9 days (Personal and Universal) to meditate and get an early take on its profound healing message.

Monday – Master Number 11/2 (1+1=2) brings powerful creative and visionary energies to the forefront. Combined with a deeply thoughtful connection between planets Mercury and Pluto, today’s energies give you X-ray eyes, whether you’re looking within, at the world around you, or into the future.

Tuesday – The sociability of 3 will help defuse today’s testy encounter of Sun (self) and Mars (ego and will). Put all that energy to good use by recording ideas for presentations and other communications, to be delivered on a day that doesn’t require walking on eggshells.

Wednesday – 4’s instinctive understanding of structures, patterns and systems comes to your rescue today, and it’s particularly useful for this 8 Month’s drive to expand and build. With 4 you’ll build to last.

Thursday – Since both 4 and 8 can get a little rigid, use today’s pattern-busting 5 Universal energies to take a wild new look at what you’re working on. It’s a perfect day for brainstorming.

Friday – Today has the potential to be full of sweetness, blessing family, friends, co-workers and romantic relationships with both the collaborative friendliness of this 6 Day and a harmonious connection between Venus and Mars.

Saturday – To put today’s 7 energies to good use, set aside time to analyze your plans for next week, thinking strategically and tactically, and working out as many kinks as possible. This will help you weather Mercury’s shift back to forward motion on Tuesday, and the snafus likely to occur through the week.

Sunday – Don’t bother to resist if you feel compelled to work on business projects today. The double drive of an 8 Day in an 8 Month can help you power through obstacles and produce plans and innovations that lead to tremendous growth and expansion.

The numerology in these weekly forecasts is Universal rather than Personal. It describes trends and energies which affect everyone. To learn how to calculate your Personal year, month and day with this guide to numerology.

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