Set Your Intentions at Home!

Want to turn your home into a romantic retreat? A den of passion? Or a place of spiritual awakening? It’s easy to turn your home into something that suits your intentions and your growth using a few simple and inexpensive techniques!

What we know about the psychology of color comes from Dr. Max L¸scher from his Color Tests in 1948. Since then spiritualists and body workers have added their knowledge to his and come up with a basic scheme. Choose what you want to add emotionally to your life using color in your apartment. This works just as sympathetic magic wherein like attracts like.

Blue has positive associations in all known cultures. It is the color of tranquility, relaxation and unity, symbolizing the heavens above and the ocean depths below. Blue has a calming effect on the body and spirit, creating space for healing. It also has psychological associations with contentment and peace.

Green is associated with growth, nature and memory. It symbolizes new beginnings, hope, and change. It has associations with the harmonizing effect of nature, of calm and refreshment.

Red is thought of as the color of passion for good reason – it has a profound effect on the circulatory system, which makes the heart race and causes psychological excitation. It’s also the flush of eroticism and the blood of violence, and is thereby symbolic of desire, action and conquest. Red’s intensity is considered good luck in many cultures and can be used to build up flagging vitality.

From it’s associations with the life-giving warmth of the sun, yellow is the color of happiness, especially for children. As such it has associations of cheerfulness, energy and play. It also stimulates the appetite for food and for activity. Adding a bit of sunflower yellow to your home can increase good cheer.  

This is thought to be the most spiritually evocative color. If you want to raise your spiritual energies and intuition, surrounding yourself with violet will help to prepare the way. Psychologically, it can have qualities of daydreaming and wishful thinking, so if you’re not grounded and practical you may want to use it with care!

Brown is another color found in abundance in the natural world. It’s the color of the fertile turned earth, of the bark of trees and of potatoes. It carries associations of security, food and home; it is comforting and calming, grounding and centering, and used to relieve tension.

Black is where light disappears into space. It is the full of the night and in Western culture it is the color of death. It is the color of dignity and power and can create an enveloping sense of enclosure, which is calming for some and uncomfortable for others. When you want to honor the passing of something or prepare yourself for more responsibility, adding a black symbol to your home can help bring that about.

The next important sensory tool to use to change the atmosphere of your home is scent. Whenever you enter someone’s home you’re usually aware of the particular scent. With incense, fragrant oils or candles you can influence that signature to create perhaps the strongest of all impressions, fragrance.
Here are some commonly available scents and the effect they’d have wafting through your home.

This lovely and ancient scent has uplifting, energizing qualities, it is particularly famed for its aphrodisiac effects.

This rich heavy scent was one of the most valuable gifts in the ancient world. Even today churches and temples worldwide use it for its effect on the mind and spirit. It’s a strong scent so use with care. Its effect cleanses undesired energies and creates spiritual energies.

It appeals to almost everyone, relaxes the spirit and has associations of comfort and satisfaction. A bit in air will cause gentle relaxation, setting the mood for indulging sensual appetites.

An erotically charged heavy scent, it should be used with a light hand. It can cause headaches. Used properly it stimulates sensuality and is an anti-depressant.

This fresh scent refreshes and energizes, it calms stomachs and arouses curiosity.

A voluptuous yet subtle scent, it is particularly appreciated by women. It is famed for its ability to heal a woman’s sense of herself, restoring self-esteem, renewing a feeling of attractiveness and releasing femininity.

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  1. Lora M.

    want to learn more about yoga.calming
    yoga & spiritual. i have always struggled with emotional imbalance in relationships.ina good relat. now but sometimes i still have doubts even though i knoe i love him. am generally nervous anxious person even at 49yrs of age.
    want to learn more about yoga would it help.
    Love your column.

  2. maria cochran

    I am always amazed at how articulately written all of the articles are in the daily newsletters. Also there is some small pearl of wisdom to be taken away with each one as well, which is why even if the article you feel, does not particularly pertain to you at the time– it is, I find, ALWAYS worth reading. Bless you all, Maria


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