Satisfaction in Creative Pursuits

What’s more fulfilling than knowing that you’ve created something that will bring joy to yourself and others, whether a perfect painting or the perfect home? Astrologically, these come from the Fifth House, the area of inspiration, joyous activity and children. So here’s where to look to find that spark to make something uniquely you:

Aries Rising/Sun: You want the ultimate impact of your work to be dramatic and appreciated. Locations that could inspire you, or where you may find people who love your creations, are Japan and the Benelux countries. Or maybe you’re a great gardener with beautiful tulips? Classic Italy and Greece could be your calling. Best in the US: Chicago, Denver or Miami.

Taurus Rising/Sun: Creating beauty and comfort is natural to you, and you may have a strong and beautiful singing voice. Your “muse is in the details.” You will be fastidious about your singing, or making your home your perfect castle. You may let exotic India inspire you, or pristine New Zealand. Best in the US: Los Angeles or Colorado.

Gemini Rising/Sun: You are graceful, agile, harmonious and empathetic in your self-expression. Southeast Asia may inspire your cooking or art. Are you a gifted political speechwriter? Alexandria, Virginia is the place to work. Northern Florida might also be the answer.

Cancer Rising/Sun: You go to your deepest emotions for your creativity. You could meditate on a Japanese Zen garden, or find peace and privacy in British Columbia. Best in the US: Washington and Oregon’s natural beauty.

Leo Rising/Sun: Your expressive side is expansive and fun-loving. You could find your creative spark in spicy, beautiful Mexico or snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef. Best in the US: South Carolina, Florida or San Diego. If you prefer the mountains, try Denver.

Virgo Rising/Sun: You love to have things neat, clean and clear for your best self-expression. British Columbia or New Zealand’s influence would be a perfect fit, or pristine Patagonia, Chile. Best in the US: For music try Seattle or Austin, or flash your style in New York.

Libra Rising/Sun: You love an inspired flash to release your very natural creativity. The culture and people of Baja, Mexico or Brazil could be your ticket. Best in the US: American Southwest or New Orleans.

Scorpio Rising/Sun: Your creative work is full of surprises, and music, dance or mystical work could be your perfect expression. Do you love Bono or Enya? Ireland would be great for you, or if you love jazz, its roots in Western Africa would serve you. Best in the US: Maybe you’ll perform as a dancer or musician in Reno or Atlantic City, or the beautiful coast of Massachusetts could be your outlet.

Sagittarius Rising/Sun: You don’t pause to blink an eye, you just express yourself! You want it fiery, funny and grand. They’d love you in London or Western Europe. Best in the US: The Bay Area or Southern Florida.

Capricorn Rising/Sun: You’re organized and purposeful in your creative pursuits, and with good reason. Your self-expression brings beauty, comfort and possible wealth! Inspirational locations are Brazil, Eastern Europe and Ancient Egypt. Best in the US: New England, or the pretty New York suburbs of New Rochelle or Long Island.

Aquarius Rising/Sun: Your innovative tendencies may bring communications into your creative pursuits, or great handcrafts. Indian art or Sanskrit may bring your expressiveness. Best in the US: Orange County, California might be a good base to discover Hindu art and culture. Try being an artist for Hallmark, or a jazz musician in Kansas City.

Pisces Rising/Sun: Your sign is best known for its artistic and spiritual expression, so this is a perfect pursuit for you. Southeast Asian cooking or Chinese art or dance might be an outlet. The music and magic of South Africa could work well for you. Best in the US: The artistic environment of Santa Fe, NM.

We hope you can experience your special creative locations in some form and use them to help you share your magical, unique self.

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