Red Responds: Hearing Voices and Seeing Ghosts

Randi in Arizona writes:

I’ve been hearing voices and seeing ghosts for about five years. I have been told I have spirits attached to me. I need my peace of mind and my privacy back! How can I help them move on when they say they’re never going to leave?

Dear Randi,

When people are in tune with their psychic awareness and gifts, it isn’t always a blessing. I’m not sure that anything is permanently attached to you, but since you are gifted, you literally radiate a signal that announces, “I can see and hear you!” so the spirits come. Not every spirit or ghost that comes your way will want to leave, particularly if you pay attention to them.

Your intention to help them move on is a good one, but you aren’t necessarily equipped to help them cross over. Because all of this ghostly activity is so disruptive to your well-being and your life, it looks like it would be better for you to learn how to “shut down.”

In the meantime, ask your spiritual visitors to respect your privacy, and tell them that not only can you not help them, but you also don’t wish to interact with them. Be respectful but firm. Keep your interactions to a minimum. Spirits often need an energy source to manifest and be heard, and your reactive, emotional energy is like a fresh battery. Do your best to remain calm and disengaged from the activity going on around you. The more control you have over your own energy, the less energy there is floating out there for your ghosts to feed off of. Regular meditation can be quite useful in helping you to stay calm.

It would help you greatly to find someone who can help you learn to control your gift. Many spiritual leaders, ministers, shaman, psychics, paranormal researchers, energy workers and healers are equipped to help guide and teach you as to how to “turn off” your abilities. I strongly recommend that you seriously research and validate the authenticity of anyone you turn to for this type of help.

It is unfortunate, but there are many posers and charlatans out there who can profit by victimizing you further. These people can usually be easily identified by promising you “removal of spirits” for money, guaranteeing results in a specific time period, and making it seem as if you have to do nothing other than write a check. Someone who is legitimate will work with you, educating and training you, and will have verifiable experience that can be proven beyond just their words. This will be a process. Be prepared to work, participate, and practice quieting your abilities. Granted, most people don’t work for free, but when you enlist the aid of a professional, the fees are usually reasonable and in line with more traditional forms of therapy.

I’m sorry that you are suffering. There is a bright side, though. With a little help and some practice, you will get all of this under control.

I really hope this helps.
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