Red Responds: She Can’t Rely On Her Intuition Anymore

Dina in Santa Monica writes:

I come from a family of women who are highly psychic and when I was a teenager I would know outrageous things that scared me but turned out to be really important. When I was in college it bothered me so much I somehow managed to turn it off. Now it’s been years and years and I feel like I can’t rely on my intuition at all, nor can I call it back up. Have I blocked myself completely? Do you have any advice on how I can recapture this?

Dear Dina,

This a classic case of, “Be careful what you wish for!” If you truly want to remove the blocks, and experience your psychic abilities again, you can. The question is, are you certain this is what you really want? Once you open the channels to your psychic abilities, it can take years to learn how to fine-tune them. Initially, you won’t get to pick and choose the messages you receive, or the visions that come with them. It isn’t always pretty, and your empathic side is likely to get kicked into overdrive.

You like the world (and the people in it) to make sense. You believe the best about people. Opening your intuitive abilities can really skew your perception. This can be quite the painful transition, especially for someone as gentle as you.

You aren’t completely or entirely blocked, you just forgot how to pay attention. I would suggest that you try and give some of your random thoughts and feelings more consideration before you really try and open things wide. You have quieted this side of you because it was disruptive to your inner peace and “normal” life, but you didn’t shut it off completely. Most often, you think yourself out of the intuitive messages you receive.

For now, I would advise you to keep it simple and serene. Meditate. Practice relaxation exercises that allow you to become more grounded with the natural earth, and more connected with yourself. Understand that logic does not belong in these sessions, it is not a time for thinking. This is about letting things flow naturally, and trying to understand and make sense of it all later. With practice, you will be able to discern your intuition from your conscious thought. Be mindful not to struggle with the process, just be open to accepting that it is a process. Once things start to flow and become recognizable to you, feel free to contact me so we can talk about what comes next. Everything about you indicates that too much too fast would be more harmful than helpful to you in your everyday world, so please try and take things slow.

I hope this helps!
Ext. 9226

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