Quiz: Are You Sexually Powerful?

We all like to think we’re good in the sack… but as any great lover knows, sex extends far beyond the bedroom. It’s part of your every day state of being! Take this quiz to find out how much power you command between the sheets – or anywhere else you deign to do it!

1. When I wake up in the morning most days, I feel…
a. Hot. I may not be perfect but I love my body! (10)
b. Okay. There are sexier people out there but I hold my own (5)
c. Gross. I’ve gotta do something about my [least favorite feature] (0)

2. My attitude towards sex can best be described as:
a. Open and generally satisfied (10)
b. Ravenous and always on the prowl (2)
c. Disinterested and otherwise focused (2)
d. Luke warm (I think about it more when I’m actually getting it) (5)

3. True or False: It’s as important to give as it is to receive.
a. True (10)
b. False (0)

4. My ex-lovers would say sex with me…
a. Was not so great… but that’s because we weren’t right for each other (2)
b. Was the best they ever had! (10)
c. Was okay… sometimes it was good, but life had a tendency to get in the way (5)

5. Historically, sex is best for me:
a. In a new relationship (5)
b. During a one-nighter or as part of a short-term, sex-based fling (2)
c. In a long-term relationship where we know each other (7)
d. It depends… I’ve had great sex all kinds of ways – and not so great sex, too… I always want more though! (10)

6. When I catch someone checking me out sexually, I feel:
a. Annoyed – oh please, like you have a chance! (2)
b. Aroused – it makes me feel good to know I am attractive – even when I’m not attracted (7)
c. Embarrassed – I don’t understand why people would look at me that way (0)
d. Flattered – who can blame them for looking (10)

7. True or false: In bed, I’m not afraid to tell my lover what I need.
a. True – open lines of communication are the key to every aspect of a relationship – especially a sexual one! (10)
b. False – I am afraid to scare them or embarrass myself (0)

8. True or false: In bed, I like my lover to tell me what to do.
a. True – If they don’t tell me what they want, I’ll probably ask! (10)
b. False – It makes me feel insecure – as if I don’t know what I’m doing (0)

9. My views on indulging in a little “self-love” can best be described as:
a. I do it all the time – in or out of a satisfying relationship (10)
b. It’s mostly a replacement for sex when I’m not getting any… (5)
c. What? I wouldn’t dream of touching myself! (0)
d. Like my sex drive in general, the frequency ebbs and flows (7)

10. When I see an attractive person I feel:
a. Jealous – I automatically compare myself (0)
b. Turned on – just being around sexual power heightens my own! (10)
c. Indifferent – there are a lot of attractive people out there. Who cares? (5)


Power up (0-25 Points)
Sexual power is a function of self-esteem. If you’re worried that you’re not hot enough, embarrassed because of some antiquated social stereotype that says sexual pleasure is bad, or downright disinterested in doing the deed, it’s time to delve deeper and channel your sexual side. Take care of yourself in the bedroom and beyond (whether alone or with a mate), and watch your sexual self-esteem start to soar.

Pressure drop (26-56 Points)
You may not know it, but you’re more sexually powerful than you think. And while there’s room for improvement when it comes to how you feel about yourself in the bedroom, you’re on your way to realizing your seductive strength. The key to harnessing your sexual power may just be in releasing all the pressure you put on yourself. Ask for what you want… and believe it or not, that strength will extend far beyond closed doors into the way you’re perceived in your every day life.

Perfect position (57+ Points)
You’re the kind of person people notice long beyond a first glance… you’ve got sexual power – and you know it! You’re comfortable with your body and with the idea of sex in general. A giver as well as a receiver, you know the importance of mutual satisfaction and you’re not afraid to exert your desires or your will (or succumb to your partner’s) in the pursuit of pleasure.

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