Purge Your Home, Change Your Life

Someone Needs a Visit From the Cleaning Fairy

Are you being hit by the cleaning fairy lately? Yeah, me too. The first three months of a new year is usually the time I feel compelled to purge my home of anything that doesn’t match my energy and no longer fits into my home and/or life. This includes old pictures, letters, unfinished writings and other useless crap I’ve accumulated over time. I guess fall is coming a little early for me this year because the cleaning fairy is using me as a ball for her batting practice. I’m getting nailed left and right with the urge to purge.

And, it’s not just me. Family, friends and clients have contacted me with their stories and they all seem to sound the same, “Oh my God I had to clean and I found this old artifact from my past so I decided to strip my house of all the crap!” It’s different for me, though. I got rid of most of the stuff from my past when I moved into this home—everything, but my couch.

I want to create a more spiritual home office for myself. Since moving in, I’ve had nothing in this space but my computer and an old wardrobe. So yesterday, I purged the playroom and I fixed up my office. Boy, does it feel incredible! The energy is completely different and more conducive to my own. Every time I enter this room I feel invigorated, motivated and happy. Yes, happy. That’s how you know the purge was a success.

Why Do We Have the Urge to Purge?

When the urge comes on strong, out of nowhere, it’s time to pay attention to your current surroundings. Is this your dream room or home? Does it look the way you want it to? Do you have what you really want from life? If the answer is “no” then it’s time to chuck all the stuff that doesn’t feel right anymore.

Generally the purge is meant to clear out the old to make room for the new. This can also represent an impending life change. Most of the time, our homes are a representation of how we feel about ourselves in some way. If you have accumulated a lot of clutter, most likely the issue is a problem with letting go. If your space is practically empty, that is how you’re feeling inside. If you are in between those two examples, you are probably more balanced, but still could use a splash of inspiration or an upgrade. We all need to polish up our personal spaces from time to time. If you’re living with others and the problem is their clutter, it’s time to have a little chat.

Items that no longer serve a purpose can block your opportunities for growth and change, especially things from the past. Each item you get rid of should be something you really don’t use, don’t need and don’t like to look at. If it reminds you of something negative, it has to go immediately. When you get rid of that item, you’re releasing old energy that’s been suffocating you and perhaps affecting your moods. Your home should only have things that satisfy your true desires and needs.

A List of Things to Get Rid of…

Even though the purge is self-explanatory, I decided to offer up a short list of things to get rid of as a guideline:

1. Photographs of yourself and others that represent a bad time in your life
2. Letters and/or journals that reflect frustration, unhappiness and your old self
3. Old computer files (including MP3’s)
4. Old furniture that doesn’t match your style
5. Clothes/shoes that no longer fit or that you will never wear again
6. Old address books, especially those that have an ex’s name in them
7. Home décor that makes you feel icky
8. Old make-up/hair products
9. Books you won’t ever read again
10. Electronics/kitchen appliances that aren’t in use
11. Empty boxes
12. Old, paid bills

Sometimes we think “this one thing” should have a home in our space, but it may be the ONE thing that stinks up the atmosphere. Also, make sure you go over your space with a fine tooth comb when you believe the purge is over. You never know what could be lurking behind that dresser of yours….

2 thoughts on “Purge Your Home, Change Your Life

  1. marc from the uk

    Excellent article Priscilla, very true, works for me ! Lovely to see/ hear that my actions are vindicated!!

  2. Nora ext. 5891

    Great reminders for spring cleaning, thanks Priscilla. I read a book about clutter and feng shui, and how clutter around your front door can block opportunities. I was looking for a better job at the time, and the coat closet is at the front door, so I took out all that Christmas paper, decorations, old coats, cleaned it up, and the next day I got a call for an interview, that worked out. Coincidence? So now when opportunities stop knocking at the door, I clean out the coat closet! I watched the Haunted Collector TV show and realized I had some antiques in my house that needed to go – you are right the atmosphere changed.



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