Psychic Workout: Your Psychic Warning Signal

Did you know that our minds, combined with our intuition, have the ability to warn us of impending danger, even though we may not consciously be aware that a danger exists?

Sure you’ve heard the expression that refers to the “hair standing up on the back of your neck,” and similar to this subconscious reaction and feeling, we can program specific cues and responses to alert ourselves of immanent danger. If you are interested in creating your own personal “psychic warning signal” continue reading this psychic workout to see how easy it is to program into your psyche.

Perhaps the most astonishing fact about this meditation is that unlike other meditations, which require ongoing practice and dedication, this exercise only needs to be completed once… and can be done in ten minutes! Now who wouldn’t want to take the time to devote ten minutes of their life to perform this exercise in exchange for a lifetime of protection during dangerous situations?

1. Begin as you would any simple mediation, by breathing in to the count of five through your nose, and out through your mouth for the count of five. Identify your diaphragm, located in the lower portion of your lungs in the center of your chest. Try to generate your breath from this location.

2. As you begin breathing out, allow your body to become increasingly more relaxed, breathing in relaxation, and breathe out the tension and anxieties of your day.

3. Connect with you spirit guides or guardian angel. As you await their grand entrance, allow your senses to heighten. Spirits will appear utilizing different methods for manifestation. Some will speak, gently touch, or some will appear physically. Pay attention to all of your senses, following whatever leads you are given to recognize their presence.

4. Ask your spirit guide, or higher power, to warn you of any dangers you may encounter in life by giving you a specific signal which warns of potential hazards. Your personal warning signal can be any indicator of your choosing. If you are more prone to recognize a visual image, you may want to request being shown a flashing red light, or bright white light in your mind’s eye. If you prefer to hear a warning signal, request to hear an air horn, or buzzer sound to forewarn of danger and to utilize caution.

5. After you have identified your psychic warning signal and have reached an understanding with your guide that this system will be utilized, you can conclude the exercise.

6. Thank your spirit guide and higher power for protecting you and aiding you in your meditation, and finish by opening your eyes. Take immediate note of any insights, messages and images you may have gained during this exercise while the information is still fresh enough for you to capture.

The result of this simple exercise is a personal psychic warning system that will last a lifetime and will continue to strengthen the more it is recognized. Each time you experience your psychic warning signal go off, you are further training your subconscious mind to utilize this amazing system. You too can “walk through the valley of the shadow of death, and fear no evil” because, with this system, your divine guides will be by your side, keeping you safe.

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9 thoughts on “Psychic Workout: Your Psychic Warning Signal

  1. Sara Siemientkowski

    Now we must recognize that there is life after death.
    On January 7, 2007, we went to a Psychic Fair and as we
    walked through the room, a Psychic Medium called out, “I
    am looking for my child Sara”.
    This got our attention and we stopped to listen to what was
    being said.
    It was Mary Louise and she had a message for Sara. “I was
    murdered”. The details of the incident were so real. The
    dates were exact. The laying for a very long period of time
    in the back bedroom spitting up blood before Sara’s sister
    finally called the neighbor to transport Mary Louise to the
    hospital in the neighbor’s car rather than call 911. All this
    information gave Sara chills down her spine. Then Sara
    actually felt her Mom hug her.
    There was a house appraisal conducted by Sara’s sister. The
    appraiser was not allowed to view that back bedroom
    where Mary Louise spent time suffering and spitting up
    Mary Louise told Sara how something was forced down
    her throat and that she immediately knew she would die
    without immediate medical treatment that was delayed.
    Mary Louise also stated that she knew who murdered her
    but refused to tell us. We believe Sara’s Mom is protecting
    the identity of the persons who harmed her.
    Yes, Mary Louise remembered what happened to her and
    she also knows what is happening each day as she
    explained how she still enjoys riding in my green car with
    Sara and me. Sara’s Mom, Mary Louise’s life and final
    days on earth is another book in itself. Sara plans on writing
    in the near future.
    This is an actual page from My Husband Ron’s Autobiography “Miracle Man Story” published in 2009.

  2. anna

    My best friend Rona Mazur had died from Cancer on May 29th 1999 and I was devastated by her loss. She was my first great friend when I moved to Atlanta and we shared many a common bond. She was diagnosed with Cancer the year before in June and had died 11 months later, it was a bloodbath during that time with the cancer treatments and the strain on her body. Needless to say I cried daily thinking about our life together and her last days and her courage. I got separated in July of that same year and in the October timeframe I was home alone when my children had gone to visit their father for visitation. I seemingly couldn’t warm up and I was so cold and shivering. All I remember is that someone climbed in bed with me and warmed me up and I finally fell asleep. When I woke up I went looking for my children and realized that they had not been in the house that night.. so I started thinking about Rona and realized that she had come to me and warmed me up that night. It made me cry, the love she shared with me was so powerful and real that I know unequivocally that she was my angel that night.

  3. Athena

    On January of 2005 my friend Sonia had passed away in a tragic accident. Her car skid an fell on the ditch in a cold Sunday evening in Canada on the country road she took everyday from home to work. Sonia was a doula or midwife and had been present at the birth of my 4th child. We had actually met at her son’s birthday the day before the birth of my 3rd son and I felt very connected to her. She used to say she had the life of the Buddha. That very morning before my partner woke me up with the bad news I felt that I had been connected to the socket and felt lifted off the bed as in an electricity shock. When they gave me the news I knew instantly that her spirit had come to me to let me know something and understood that she didn’t know she had died. I did a quiet prayer after confirming this fact with a friend and at the funeral her mother approached and told me that she knew I had something to tell her. I explained what happened to her and she felt relief to know her daughter had crossed over. Both her mother and Sonia were very intune with each other. I feel blessed to have been chosen amongst her friends to deliver this important message. RIP Sonia.

  4. cecili

    when I was a preteen my Mom took me to the Dr’s. On the way there I put my hand out to brace myself. My Mom asked me why I was doing that. I said, “To keep me safe for when we have an accident”. She pulled over and applied the seat belt then, which were a rarity since this was the 50’s. I felt snug and we went on our way. Being small I couldn’t see out the window seatbelted in but all of a sudden something hit us and we were spinning around. I saw my Mom look at me as her body lurched toward me but the seat belt held her back. When we were still someone came to open the door and let me out. I had glass all over me but I was fine. I was very calm and didn’t cry.

  5. Anna

    My ex boyfriends brother was tragically killed in September 2005 and it was very, very sad. It was difficult for his family to get over this tragedy. His mother was distraught. Didnt eat or sleep. one night, my ex boyfriend and i were sleeping and I had a dream. In the dream, his brother came to me. He gave me messages to give to each member of his family. He told me to tell his daughters that daddy loved them and will always watch over them, he wanted his mother to stop crying because he is ok and at peace where he is. He also hates when she cries because he cant wipe her tears anymore. He wantedt my ex to watch over his two baby girls because he trust him. He told my sister to not give up in school or anything because he believes in her and sees a bright future for her. He even told me to tell his older brother to get out of the path he is leading because he will soon be joining him. He was joined in this dream by some guy i have never seen before. I was so freaked out when i awoke. When i explained this dream to his mom and described this guy, his mom got chills. she stated this was a friend of his who passed away years before. I told her he was happy and that truly gave her closure. The things I told her I couldnt possibly know.

  6. Gail Cubbedge

    In 1991, I had a decession to make, whether to move to Prescott AZ, where some of my good friends moved to from Topanga Canyon move form, or to Hawaii for a massage school my husband wanted to attent. Airline tickets were to be purchasced the next day. I had a dream that night where my 10 mth old baby and I were walking down the shoreline, and the sand kept falling into the water. I used my pendulum to ck out for back-up, and went to Prescott AZ. Turns out the exact spot we were to be was wipped out with a massive horricane, were we were to be sleeping.
    So, I do try my best to listen to the universe when I hear it speak to me.
    Gail from Florida…

  7. Loretta

    We just moved into our new home. The kids were excited and so was my husband. Eveything went well for the first 2 months. The third month while showering the door open up in the bathroom and I called out that I was in here.’ The voice told me to get out’. at first I told him to get out of my bathroom, wait your turn. How he got that door open is beyond me, for it was locked. I ask the kids if the were pulling a prank, and they both said no. My husband at the time was at work. A day later while sitting at the kitchen table have our morning coffee, I saw a white flash run by the door, figuring it was the cat i didn’t pay attention to it. One min later we heard a womans voice calling out HELLO, I slowly got up and checked to see whom was here, there was no one. The front door was locked.I call her the Lady In The White Dress… She came into the family room one night while I was alone at home, she ran down the hall around the corner and disappered. Never saw her again. She wore a white dress that was torn at the edges of her dress, she was in her late twenties, with brown hair and running from something. She was very pretty. to this day no one in the family know about her.

  8. Devora James

    When I was 11 years old, I dreamed that I stood in a neighbors house and watched her take a bath. After which, I heard someone at her front door. A man came in with a knife and cut her all over her body. Her bath room had pink rugs and pink shower curtains. Blood was spaddered all over the place. The man who killed her, I knew from the neighbor hood and the woman he killed was a friend of my mother and father. The next morning when I awake. I went down the hall to my mother and father’s room to tell them of the dream, however, they had already gotten word of the friend’s death. When I begain to tell them the dream their mouths opened wide. My Mother then said to me,”hush, you mustn’t tell this story to anyone, your life could be in danger”! The only reason I’m telling the story now is becasue the man that killed my parent’s friend is dead.

  9. Leisha Gibbons

    I recently did this the other night and breathed alot and I even said a thanx to my spirit guides too. While I opened my eyes in the middle of the night I saw a man in a robe in my room slowly fading away. I dunno if it was one of my guides or my illussion I also had an odd dream that this handsome guy proposed to me.;


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