Psychic Workout: How to Give and Receive

Giving and receiving are one. When you give, you receive, and to receive is to give. Sadly, society struggles with accepting this primitive cycle due to our separate-mindedness and selfishness. When you give, are you “losing” something in the process, or are you creating an openness for new abundance? Can the act of giving in fact be an opportunity for you to experience joy when you see another’s appreciation?

Debunking the Myth That Money is the Root of All Evil

To understand this primitive cycle of giving and receiving, we must first recognize the role of possessions and money. Before the concept of money existed, there were structured bartering systems. As humanity evolved and more goods and services became available, a new problem surfaced: What if I needed your services, but you weren’t interested in what I could give you in exchange? This is how the invention of money, or “notes,” solved this conundrum. Soon money became the universal system for exchange. So contrary to the saying “money is the root of all evil,” money actually became a necessary tool to ensure prosperity driven by our individual needs.

It’s helpful if we can transform our perception of money so that it’s viewed as a symbol of energy used for exchange. When we exchange money or something related to value, we participate in the movement of positive energy and the success of the giving and receiving cycle that prospers with others as we prosper ourselves. The end result is that we can all flourish together.

A Closer Look at Giving

Our biggest obstacle in the process of giving is that psychologically, most of us feel better when money, love, attention or gifts are coming in, that when they are being given out. Why is this? Is it because we are conditioned to believe that we should conserve and save. Is it because we enjoy the feeling of being spoiled and living in abundance? Perhaps it’s the residual belief from previous generations that relied on extreme penny-pinching and hoarding techniques that have fostered the mentality of “If I give away my goods and money, then there will be nothing left for me!” When you give, always remember to place a feeling of joy in whatever it is you are giving. Give with the knowing, not just the hoping, but the knowing, that you will soon be fulfilled and made whole again.

The act of letting go, whether it is the sharing of possessions, giving of love, money, or time, your effort will be honored and energy will be returned, usually when you least expect it, or when you most need it!

A Closer Look at Receiving

Paradoxically, the more common problem is the inability to truly receive. In our day to day endeavors we feel much better when we give than when we receive, because most of us have been taught to be humble, and appreciative. That it is “more gracious to give than to receive.” Have these teachings gone as far as to make us believe that receiving is linked to selfishness? Perhaps it would help us become better “receivers”and continue the cycle of giving and receiving if we could understand that receiving does not mean that we are “taking” or depleting energy from another person. There is an endless supply of energy to sustain us all.

Restoring the Cycle

Giving and receiving is as natural as the process of breathing. Inhale and exhale. If one aspect of that cycle is restricting, the entire cycle ceases to function and the cycle can not properly function. The solution is to create a balanced life of giving and sharing, mentally, and physically. Your attitude in this process controls everything.

Try this little experiment: As you go about your routine one day, when you encounter friends and loved ones, say in your mind when you greet them “I love you!” while you energetically send them love. Visualize warm yellows and oranges hues of energy glowing and surrounding them. Direct your feelings of warmth and affection towards them. After a few moments of doing this, shift your focus to the mood and behavior of the other person. Do you feel that they are reciprocating this energy in some form? Did they physically reach out for a hug? Did they offer to take you out to lunch? Maybe they gave you a compliment? Remember the old proverb, “What goes around comes around?” Well, now is your opportunity to see it in action!


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3 thoughts on “Psychic Workout: How to Give and Receive

  1. misskrystal

    Hi Marin-Loved this. I must say, there is something supernatural that begins inside of us once we give and not have any expectations-I am a giver to certain charities-I feel so good doing it.
    Lovely article, as always. Huggies, Miss Krystal

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Nice article and I agree……

    When I give, I don’t expect anything in return…….I let go of all expectations…..I give, simply to give.

    I guess that is the fun & playful side to me….. It’s nothing for me to fold up , very tiny, a one hundred dollar bill and slip it into a Salvation Army kettle around Christmas…..for example…..I LOVE , I mean I REALLY get a kick !!!!! out of playing Secret Santa around the holidays.

    Every now and then though, I do receive…..but it can be in many forms. …..and that’s alright with me, because since I never expected anything back to begin, I’m always delightfully surprised when I do receive.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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