Psychic Workout: Finding Your Will

Religious history is full of stories where people summon angels and deities to execute their will. This makes the concept of “will” seem like something we impose on the celestial universe to execute our desires. Can I be so bold, as to suggest that perhaps these ancient stories got it wrong?

True will is actually quite different. Finding one’s will is about discovering who we really are, because only then can we really manifest what we need in accordance with our divine purpose.

Closely related to the concept of will is decisiveness. In order to manifest and achieve your desires, you must know what it is that you seek to accomplish in the first place. This can actually be more difficult than it seems. Suppose that you’re seeking a new job in the big city, three hours away, and you set out to find it. Amazingly, you are offered a job, and it is exactly what you were looking for, however, you neglected to give serious consideration to the fact that this job would require uprooting your entire family.

Sometimes getting what we want has too extreme of a consequence, and then we have to shift our desires into something different. It’s a shame, and unfortunate that so much “will” and energy has been exhausted in manifesting incomplete desires, leaving you with constant changes and new directions. This makes for a pretty draining lifestyle, and a diminishing of one’s will.

Do you struggle with identifying a single goal and successfully accomplishing it? Does life feel like it is filled with loose ends? Or are you one of those busy individuals that’s always attempting to do twenty things at once, yet not really knowing what you want to do? Then this psychic workout is for you!

This meditation will assist you in cleansing your psyche and removing any mental blockages you may be holding on to that are interfering with achieving success. When you feel inwardly free, your will takes over, and you are more equipped to follow the direction of achievement. Additionally, you will realistically identify any potential dilemmas prior to initiating change, thereby avoiding the ongoing battle of having to stop and regroup. You will find that this exercise helps you become active, rather than passive in achieving your goals, and with the infusion of divine guidance, you will feel confident in following your soul’s path, as opposed to blindly wondering through life.

1. Begin breathing in to the count of five through your nose, and out through your mouth for the count of five. Identify your diaphragm, located in the lower portion of your lungs in the center of your chest. Try to generate your breath from this location.

2. As you begin breathing out, allow your body to become increasingly more relaxed and begin to open all of your chakra centers.

3. Visualize a beaming stream of white light entering your head, your crown chakra, and allow this light to flow through you, granting you clear vision.

4. Next, visualize this white light moving down into your throat chakra, giving you the voice to speak up and communicate your desires.

5. As the light continues to your heart chakra, ask for removal of any barriers that are preventing you from having the permission to have passion in achieving your desires.

6. As the energy flows into your sacral chakra, allow yourself to become aware of the primal instincts necessary for survival in order to execute your will.

7. Flowing into your base chakra, helping to ground and root you, you will find strength and an overwhelming feeling solidity.

8. Leaving yourself with a feeling of focus in the present, ask yourself what strong desire you have, or what you want to achieve.

9. Allow the light to gradually diminish as you close your chakras.

As you performed this exercise, you may have noticed that certain chakra locations required a little more attention than others that may have been more easily traveled through. Make sure that you allow enough time for complete exploration of the different chakra locations, as significant processing can occur to assist you in removing any stagnation.

The next time an opportunity presents itself, beware… the Universe may be testing you. Analyze the situation to make sure you can realistically follow through with the opportunity, and then go for it! You will continue to be supported as long as you stay on course, furthering your development of will and achieving your goal.

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