Psychic Pierce: 3 Ways to Stop an Argument

You Can’t Argue With ‘I Love You’

Psychic Pierce ext. 5624 was so specific in how we relate to one another when we’re frustrated or angry, that I had to share it with you. Many times we allow our gut or instincts to push us along in how we react to situations. Without consciously thinking about it, we’re allowing our emotions to control us. Although Pierce and I were talking about interactions in general, these techniques can be used to settle arguments before they begin.

1. What You Send Out is What You Get

Pierce suggests to send out a positive attitude. “The more positive energy you send out, the more the universe sends back to you.” Here’s the key: you have to keep sending positive energy out. If you only do it a little each day, you’ll only get a little back.

“If you keep sending positive energy out there,” Pierce told me, “You won’t see so much of the negative.” It’s true! For the next few days to a week, send out positive energy and see what comes back. So your mind will have positive energy and won’t be so absorbed in the negative. I refer to this as my mind has happy thoughts instead of my mind being absorbed in negative thoughts. And if you’re positive, it’s difficult to have angry thoughts. “Discover the kind of energy you want to project and project it,” Pierce advises.

2. Respect Yourself

Pierce talked about not only respecting your partner, but yourself as well. When we don’t respect ourselves, the lines of communication between you and partner can get muddled. For instance, what expectations do you have about your relationship that you assume your partner knows about? Arguments, disappointments and miscommunications can happen when you don’t vocalize your assumptions. “Instead of playing the poor me card, respect yourself enough,” Pierce remarked. Treat yourself as well, if not better, than how you treat your partner.

3. Three Magic Words to Stop Any Argument

Believe it or not “I love you” can stop an argument in its tracks. Pierce told me, “You can’t argue with ‘I love you,’ especially if you genuinely mean it.” This will help diffuse the negative, angry energy. When the energy is diffused, you can break down what is really going on and solve the problem logically, without intense, negative emotions. You may have to say the magic words a few time in order for your mate to finally hear you, but they will hear it.

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