Psychic Pauline: The Value of Privacy

Social Media Compromises Your Privacy

Social media sites which were said to have been designed for people to stay connected are greatly misused and have become a source of anxiety for many. Simply said, if you don’t wish to be stalked and you don’t want your privacy invaded—disconnect.

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Why Not Deactivate?

Many people will complain about their exes stalking them on social media sites but that is easily remedied with the click of a button. So why not just deactivate? It’s because they are engaging in the same activity! They are invading someone else’s privacy too! They feel they have an open window to crawl through where they can keep tabs on their current/former partners, friends and family. In most cases this causes confusion, frustration and anxiety because often times the information they are viewing is false. Some individuals will post inaccurate information in order to bring about a reaction from someone specific. It is a very manipulative maneuver and can also create negative karma.

Here are the types of people you’ll find on social media sites. Are you one of them?

The Attention Seeker

This is the person who is changing their profile picture every week or constantly posting photos of themselves in all different poses and there are several reasons for this. They want their connections to compliment them so that they can feel better about themselves or they want to sway a partner who they feel is drifting away from them back in their direction. If there are a number of compliments posted, the attention seeker hopes that the partner or ex partner will reconsider. This behavior is extremely manipulative and very transparent. It’s as if they want their privacy to be invaded.

The Sentinel

This is the individual who very rarely comments or posts and, in fact, may not show any activity for months. In reality, they are watching everyone else all day long, every day of the week. They want to keep abreast of what is happening in the lives of others and hope that their privacy settings don’t prevent them from doing so. The sentinel usually does not have much of a social life or they are just plain nosy.

The Informer

The informer feels the need to keep every one of their social network connections up-to-date on every little thing they are doing at any given moment of the day and night. For example, they will let you know where they are, who they are with and the general mood of the activity. These are usually things no one else has an interest in knowing, such as where they are shopping for new shoes, when they are taking the dog to the vet or if they are waiting in the unemployment line. These are self-centered and very lonely people who simply want someone to care about them. They also become enraged if someone pokes fun at them for these worthless posts.

The Sympathy Junkie

These people will always put out information on the social media sites to provoke others to ask the question, “What’s wrong?” They will usually not get into specifics but will allude to some kind of dysfunction in their daily lives such as complaining about work or simply stating that they are depressed. They are very much like the attention seekers and there is usually a specific person that they want a reaction from. They always play the victim but hardly ever give specifics regarding what their problem is.

The Storyteller

The storytellers love to air their dirty laundry. They also show their insecurities when it comes to relationships. They have no problem engaging in lengthy and negative banter for all to see with one or more of their connections. When in an unhealthy love relationship, they are extremely misleading. These individuals, who are very insecure, will consistently post information regarding the relationship—boasting how wonderful their partner is and how lucky they are to be with them. They will present many photos depicting the happy couple. This is their way of keeping others from interfering in the relationship which really means that there is trouble in paradise. If you are truly happy and secure with your partner, you do not need to broadcast your relationship all over these sites.

Value Your Privacy

Social media sites can be wonderful tools to connect with people from your past and stay connected to your current friends and family. But all too often these sites are used in a negative fashion. There is nothing wrong with sharing photos that are precious to you with those you care about but always exercise caution and remember that there are much better ways of communicating. Keep your intentions in check as well. Ask yourself if you are putting this information out to bring joy to someone or are you trying to push buttons. If you want to put information out there for your connections, try to make it something inspiring and uplifting. Think of posting something that will bring a smile to their faces and brighten their day. Spreading positive energy will bring happiness to you too. Remember that when you put intimate details of your life out there, you can be inviting trouble in.

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11 thoughts on “Psychic Pauline: The Value of Privacy

  1. Marc from the uk

    Great great great article and spot on. I gave up Facebook after realising it was false. And people are more interesting face to face. We society are losing the value of face to face contact and intimacy. Privacy is going toebe the new must have in the not to distant future. !!!

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Excellent article, Pauline. And you are so spot on with your advice.

    Personally, I have no use or FB, Twitter, or an other of those social media sites….the ONLY reason I joined FB is to view pictures of my Grand daughter.
    But that’s it !

    I value my privacy way too much, plus, for me personally, I feel it’s a giant waste of time. I’d rather be doing something productive with that time. ( Must be the Virgo in me….lol )

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  3. Chrissi

    is it not better to wish luck to and pray for those who may need it – whatever way you may do this even if you yourself may be going through troubles of your own as in reality most friends you may have on social media are unlikely to be able to help physically as they may be many miles away or have no way of reaching you
    I personally don’t post unless I am particularly proud of something I may have made or have something good I want to share- the only time I post about a problem is if I believe a solution is out there and I just haven’t found it myself I would rather help if I can than be out there needing it from someone else

  4. Angela

    I agree apart from having become an addictive habit which takes a lot of time it seems Facebook has become for many something to simply post anything and everything about their lives and or anything they happen to have picked up of uti be and read or listened too. People have become addicted to celebrities as if the celebrity was a long lost cousin they actually knew and loved. I have noticed the OCD nature of some people when they repeatedly post for hours on end certain types of posts which often are of no interest. Yes we all like a good joke and in the old days we would send it by email to a friend to make them laugh or by text. Now we get repeated obituaries of some dead celebrity often from the same person or a request to play pig and dragon or candy crush saga. I never used to go on Facebook but my email is now full with emails of what everyone is sending so I now have to delete all the Facebook emails telling me I received a post. How do I turn that off.

  5. sandra bock

    what ever rock there boat. I made a mistake while viewing sea glass and went to another screen .if you need to know .and if you been following me or any one else out here you know from common know how I not good at working the computer nor am I good at spilling due to a stroke an other health problems in my life time. but like every thing else I take life with a hand shake an a hug. so smile. an Pauline your under eyes are having a reaction to your eye liner. I just guess that happens with us Pauline’ s right. an please don’t get upset cause your very out spoken an incest on being lesion to . I can tell that just by your cheekbones an the slant in your eyes. you really need to get another pillow an rotate the sides of your face while you lay an read in bed. you wish to be mistorus some times you are. but you love some thing an it tearing you up am i right.? your eye can write a book. so watch the sun an you have a nice evening.

  6. shari Garrett

    I do use social media to find scriptures to find in the bible as I was told I could find, but when I figured out somewhat how to work social media I found a mob waiting on me trying to distract me from what I was on it for. I still do not understand how social media works But thanks for your article

  7. Angie Burton

    I agree with your syopsi,
    I would thou advise that social media networks are so easy to mislead persons . You cannot believe what you see or read ,there are people that misuse the sites for criminal gain . It’s so easy to borrow someone’s identity then pass yourself off as that person to extort money or goods from them . It’s rife on dating sites . You need to check their credentials as they maybe not whom the say the are.
    The only way you can do this is by using google to check that the person you are talking to lives at that address , check if they are on Facebook .twitter .etc ,Check the times they are on the sites or sending emails to you If there just morning ,afternoon it could be they are not even in the country . I have been scammed 3 times but by using the internet ,social media been able to be aware that these persons where not whom they said the where . Identity thief is rife on the internet and we all need to be vidulant . I would also add that you need to investigate all people that you don’t know for your own security . Better to be a peeping tom than be scammed or worse .

  8. sherpeace

    Very good info here. I recently was accused of being a couple of these things. I don’t believe it was true but I had to come to the realization that it doesn’t matter who cares or doesn’t care about my life. Someone may have been a friend or mentor in the past, but if they no longer want to be, that is their prerogative and I should not feel hurt, nor they to dissuade them from ending the friendship/mentorship.

  9. virgo2757

    Thank you for an excellent article, Pauline! It’s pretty sad that these “social” media sites that supposedly were designed to keep all of us more in touch with each other actually encourage detachment and dehumanization. They might be more appropriately named “ANTI-social” media sites.


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