Psychic on Psychic: Get the Courage to Be You

Put the “Wow” Factor Back Into Your Life

Ever wonder why all psychics are not wealthy from playing the lottery, some can’t seem to find true love, and many have difficulty deciphering their own life problems? Well, the answer is that when we are emotionally attached to a situation, that is, when we have an investment in the outcome, it is much harder to allow our psychic abilities to guide us. Rather, we rely on what we hope is logic and analysis for direction.

When I recently had some concerns regarding an important family member, a well respected elder, I contacted Psychic Trinity at ext. 5275 for a psychic ancestral reading. After reading Trinity’s qualifications about her Native American heritage, I felt that she would be the perfect person to discuss my concerns regarding my full-blooded Native American grandfather and his role within our family during his final years with us. What needed to be preserved, what information was important to capture, and what legacy does he want to leave behind so that we can gather as much detail while it is still accessible?

When Trinity picked up the phone, I told her that I was seeking information regarding a grandfather and that I was also looking for that “Wow” factor in a reading. I was hoping that I could experience that “Wow” moment she describes in her California Psychics video. This provides the confirmation and validation we seek to authenticate information we receive from our psychic.

When Trinity asked for the names of the persons involved in my situation, and I gave her the names, she immediately sought clarification. “My guides are telling me that he has a different first name… What is that?” Now, how was that for the “Wow” factor! Less that one minute into the reading and I was already impressed. The person I was calling about does, in fact, go by his middle name, the family name that was passed down four generations.

She went on to confirm a children’s story that “should” be written, one that has been in the incubation stages for many, many years, and according to her prediction, would finally emerge in four to five years. This reading came full circle when she confirmed that it would be completed as a result of the information, legend, and knowledge from my grandfather’s wisdom.

With the remaining few minutes of my time, I opened the reading to any details or information that she wanted to share that I had not previously asked. Leaving the reading very non-specific and open-ended could pose a challenge for some psychics, as some prefer to address specific questions. Not Trinity! I have read with many psychics at California Psychics, and her confidence was impressive! She didn’t hesitate to once again, “Wow” me with details and specifics about my personal life. Accurately picking up my children and their talents, my husband and his upcoming career change, my spiritual background and development, all in a matter of five minutes. She was fast and detailed. When she needed to relay information that “might not make a lot of sense at this point… but later it will,” I knew exactly what she meant by that statement.

Often customers call, focused on the immediate situation, trying to navigate through a single moment in life. Trinity’s reading helped me step back, and regain focus on the bigger picture. After hanging up the phone, I literally squealed with the joyous news I had received, validation upon validation.

Perhaps you are a skeptic, or a customer who has had readings before, but still need that confirmation with a reading that resonates deep withing your soul. Let Trinity “Wow” you. And when you ask her in astonishment, “How did you know that?!” She’ll tell you, effortlessly, “Cause I’m a psychic!” A title well deserved!

Marin #5113

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3 thoughts on “Psychic on Psychic: Get the Courage to Be You

  1. renae

    I agree. Trinity is one of the most authentic psychics I have encountered anywhere. She is soulfully loving and accurate and encouraging. She will tell you the truth even if you don’t want to hear it but she is loving and kind. I have made a decision to learn from her what I should do to grow as a person. Our talks have transcended “I have a problem” to “how can I become a better person who has a stronger relationship to God, heaven and the angels?” She introduced me to archangels I never heard of and every time I call upon them, I feel completely at peace! I cannot wait to become her student!

  2. Iva

    I have been seriously planning to call Trinity and have a reading with her.I saw her video where she told a client ….because I am psychic.That made me want to talk with her.She is so confident. Plan to talk with her soon.

  3. LUCY

    Loving the insight you give us Marin on the wonderful psychics here at CP. And, I agree with you that Trinity possesses the understanding of today and yesterday (ancestral identity) with great depth. And that is a rare and wonderful gift to understand and share for all of us. Blessings to you both for a wonderful New Year. Great article once again Marin!


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