Psychic Kathi: Heal Anger to Become Prosperous

Attracting Prosperity

Having a positive attitude is helpful, and so is the ability to think out of the box where there are no restrictions on your thinking. Think of having a bountiful world and environment all around you and that you are prosperous.

My teacher once told me to, “Always carry $100 with you at all times. Then you can walk through a grocery store and many other stores knowing you can have just about whatever item you want. And you can say to yourself, ‘I can have whatever item I want in this store if I wanted, but I just do not want it today.'”

One way to be more positive is to heal anger or old emotional wounds towards someone by writing them a letter for their birthday. Write all the positive memories you enjoyed with them when things were good between you. I did this, and it took over three months to finish this project. This helped me heal from the old anger, and I could move forward with an open heart and an ability to receive more abundance into my life. They say time heals all wounds, which is true, but writing the letter speeds up the process.

Healing anger also helps heal negative karma between you and the other person. You are forgiving the other person as well as yourself in this process. Being prosperous is another part of loving yourself. Each time you write down another fun-filled or happy experience, you will feel your karmic load is a little more lighter, and you will become more joyful and happy.

My very prosperous grandmother’s birthday wish to me and each one of our family at our annual Wishing and Blowing out the Birthday Candles traditional party was: “I wish you to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Later, I added, “With happiness and lots of love.”

Make this one of your new mantras. You can shift your energy to a higher level by being in this mental place daily: “I now live in a place in my mind where I have perfect health, wealth, harmony and happiness. I am totally loved, and I am total love.”

As an astrologer, I can give you your lucky hours, days and the best times to buy or sell by checking your planets for good fortune. Give me a call and find out how else you can be prosperous.


7 thoughts on “Psychic Kathi: Heal Anger to Become Prosperous

  1. arise

    Peggy: This is a perfect example! Don’t blame your son! Your higher self has arranged this experience so you could learn an important lesson: “Abundance and generosity are all around me, all the time.” Meditate on that for 21 days. Also for three weeks, every time someone does something nice for you, or expresses concern for you, feel and express gratitude; do that again just before you go to sleep. You will see results.

  2. c.wright.thru.u.

    Infinite/Eternal Divine Blessings to you Kathi and all psychics.
    Ever-increasing love, light, peace, wisdom, prosperity, wellness, health, ascension, oneness, joy, gratitude to you and all, always.

  3. rei

    Think of negative energy as a negative bank balance. You can’t buy anything right? So if you want something you need a positive balance to purchase it!
    (now think of this in terms of something not tangible and you see it can be)

  4. rei

    So true so true. Harboring resentment and anger, from hurt and pain; only assists those emotions in an attempt to wear you down and create a victim STANCE. If you don’t let go of bad mojo it will eat up any energy left for positive feelings of love, peace, and the happiness you deserve.

    It takes so much more energy to be angry and to hold things inside than it does to forgive and live without the ball & chain of your own guilt. Unpack that baggage. Buy some new luggage. Now feel free to repack. This time remember you are not going on a guilt trip.

    Repeat… ” I forgive myself first. So then I may forgive others”.
    I own my own power and I am returning yours. I was a victim of ignorance.
    Dont let things happen = make things happen! When you create positive energy you naturally eliminate negative energy. Its true they must both co exist for balance and they shall do just that when you give up trying to control the flow.
    I am forgiving and letting go of the negative and allowing the positive influence of my own power to fill my life with everything I desire because I am worthy.


  5. Princess

    True. Forgiving someone sincerely from your heart feels like a heavy load is taken off you and you are free to live again.


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