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How to Get Your Mojo Back

Mojo is the moment when we do something purposeful, powerful and positive, and we recognize it as such. Your mojo is your “A Game” energy.

How do we know when the mojo is gone? When you’re feeling out of touch, awkward, like you’re out of alignment, or you’re not getting things done the way they usually are done—basically, you’re just not feeling like yourself—that’s when your mojo is gone. When you use your powers of observation to notice when you’re out of alignment with yourself and your environment, you can start to get your mojo back.

One way to get your mojo back is to take some personal time. Go on a personal retreat. Get away for the weekend alone. Be with nature for a few hours. Go to the beach or go to the mountains. Take the time to be with yourself and disconnect from the outside world for two or three days. During that time, no cell phone, no news, no homework. These are all distractions. It’s important to be with yourself, and do the things that bring you peace. You can take a bath with sea salt, Epsom salts, and a little lavender essential oil. This is relaxing, soothing and purifying to the mind and body. You can also sleep in all weekend or spend the weekend in bed.

Sometimes we feel we’ve lost or mojo due to external issues, like associating with someone or something that makes us feel drained or off. If you find yourself feeling this way, examine the situation and stop the association for a moment. A few days without talking to the friend or dealing with a situation that is zapping your energy may be the answer to restoring your own energy.

Work to keep your energy protected, active, alive and clean. Be sure to rejuvenate your psychic energy through everyday experiences. You can also try some of the following suggestions when your mojo feels low.

1. White Light

Let go of all negative thoughts. Be in the “now” moment. Visualize yourself surrounded by an energized white light. Feel the energy of that light around you, and feel yourself absorbing that energy. Use white light as often as you can. Call on more light from angels, spirit guides, or your higher power. Remain focused on that light’s energy for at least 10 minutes. Imagine yourself glowing from your center out until you’re in a bubble of your own white, energetic light. Smile while you are doing this. It feels good!

2. Grounding

Go outside and walk in a park full of trees and shrubs and actually touch them. Or you can do some gardening, and put your hands in the dirt. Go to the beach and dig your feet in the sand. Purchase a quartz crystal or a hematite stone (various other stones work as well) and charge it for grounding and protection from negative vibrations. These are various ways to touch nature and allow nature to absorb any negative energy you have and receive positive energy from a natural source.

3. Washing with Sea Salt

Take a bath with sea salt. This will help to purify your aura and ground you at the same time. It is also a good skin exfoliant.

4. Burn Sage

Purchase small wrapped bundles of sage. Just a few minutes of burning sage around yourself, your home or office and you’ll release the negative energy and reignite your mojo.

5. Meditate and Visualize Often

Closing your eyes, letting your body relax, and taking at least three cleansing breaths can help, too. Rejuvenate yourself in just a few minutes. Then move on with your day. This is a great way to prepare your mojo right before a meeting or speech.

6. Light a White Candle

Lighting a white candle is just another way to invite the positive energy to enter our space. Focus on the flame and the glow around the flame. This realigns your thoughts to a positive energy.

7. Stand Outside

Vitamin D naturally absorbed from the sun makes the body feel good. Have your feet flat on the grass or dirt, not on the pavement or cement. Feel Mother Nature’s love through the earth. Sit or stand in the sun as it naturally neutralizes your negative energy. (Don’t get burned.)

How do you know when you get your mojo back? You know when you’re feeling like yourself again; bright and energized. When the mojo is on point, you’re attractive to everyone you meet. This is when things come together easily and effortlessly. Life is wonderful again!

Speak to Charrmayne ext. 5058 to see if your mojo is on point and how you can keep it safe and strong.

6 thoughts on “Psychic Charrmayne: Regain Your Life’s Purpose

  1. Rob

    That is fantastic advice. Being with one self, and taking time to be me with the one (me). Letting go of the daily bad vibes and the releasing the links to the nothing. Email…Facebook, twitter, you’re so right. Spending more time with me and the ones I love and the things I love to do will relax me revitalize me and bring me more joy in my life. I bet you everyone knows this but forgot. We all got rapped up in the nothing. Thanks for the reminder

  2. stepfanie marcum

    Thank you for this advice..I will try it…then I will give you my results in a week..hoping for the best…

  3. Vivian

    Hi there are times when I feel out of sorts and mostly Lonely and wishing I knew the true meaning of Conversation with others, But at time I find myself Quiet and not being Talkative like others do you think that could be any progress,


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