Protecting Us From Ourselves With Hematite

Come Back to Earth With Grounding Hematite

What can you do if you’re not feeling present in your life? Those who are natural empaths are tuned in to other’s vibrations, but often without being aware of it. Others may be accessing higher vibrations through meditation, lucid dreaming, or other techniques, which could leave them feeling disconnected from day-to-day life. Others may feel unsteady due to stressful life events. Working with hematite is an excellent way to get grounded.

Hematite’s main component is iron, which is known for strength and stability. Hematite looks like steel when polished, and also has magnetic properties. Among ancient cultures from the Greeks to Native Americans, hematite was used for strength, endurance, and protection before battle. Interestingly, the ancient Romans connected hematite with Mars, the god of war, and in 2004, the Mars rover discovered vast hematite deposits on the planet Mars.

Ways to Use Hematite

You can wear hematite jewelry, carry pieces of hematite in your purse or pocket, or keep a piece in places where you want to stay grounded and focused, like on your work desk or in a car dashboard compartment. Cleanse and charge hematite gemstones before use, and about once a month thereafter. (Avoid water to cleanse hematite. This gem was called the blood stone because running water over it would cause the stone to oxidize and make the water run red.)

Listed below are a few areas that hematite can especially benefit.

The Root Chakra

Hematite is associated with the base, or root, chakra. Use it to help root chakra related issues such as security, self-esteem, the material world, and reclaiming your power.

Empathy and Personal Boundaries

Being tuned in to other people’s feelings is a wonderful gift. But it can be draining if you’re not aware of your empathy or don’t know how to control it. Use hematite to feel secure and grounded in your own, not another’s, energy.

Meditation Aid

This gemstone can assist with better mental clarity and concentration, so it can help if you have difficulty focusing while meditating. Also, because of its protective and shielding qualities, hematite helps keep your body grounded and supported while you soar in spirit.

Repel Negativity

Hematite is said to create a protective shield around the person using it. Its energy can assimilate and disperse any negative energy you encounter. Some people have experienced that when hematite absorbs too much negative energy, the stone may either break or disappear from its owner for a while. (Maybe this is why I lost my hematite ring a few weeks ago!)

Balance Spiritual and Material Life

Sometimes in your personal spiritual life, you may work extensively with the upper chakras as you connect to a higher source. At the same time, it’s important to remember we are still human. We still must take care of our bodies, maintain relationships with others, and function within the world around us. Hematite could be a tool that helps you attain balance between the spiritual and material life.

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9 thoughts on “Protecting Us From Ourselves With Hematite

  1. Stefani

    My personal favorite variation of this stone is rings. When I find a store that sells these rings I tend to purchase a few at a time. I like to hold the stone in my hand and feel it resonate before I bring it home with me. I have had rings shatter and I have had them break, I’ve never lost them. Regardless, I never know when the break will happen and I hate to be without so that’s why I buy more than one at a time.

  2. Linda

    where do I find a reputable dealer of rings? I searched the internet and there are thousands. I don’t really feel confident that I am getting true hematite. (probably the ones that have gone through the magnetic process)

  3. Karen Atkinson Garrison

    Hematite is avialable at many so called”new age” stores, and occult supply shops.
    Also there are a few crystal and gemstone websites online now that sell it. I bought a hematite ankle bracelet for myself and an apple-shaped pendant made of hematite for my god-daughter, from Sacred Mists which is also online now.


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