Practice Mindfulness for Inner Peace

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Mindfulness is extremely important for our physical, mental and spiritual well being. By practicing mindfulness an individual will achieve mental clarity, rid themselves of negative thoughts and build overall mental strength. An unstable mind without any grounding is a major cause of mental illness, negative behaviors and emotional instability. When we lose focus and do not pay attention to ourselves and our spiritual, mental and physical needs, we suffer. This can lead to poor work performance, damaged family and personal relationships and more.

To practice Mindfulness is not just something you do every now and then, as its benefits are only shown when an individual practices it on a constant basis. Here are some ways you can practice Mindfulness for inner peace so that you can reduce pain, stress and the symptoms of other conditions in your daily life.

Breathing is a Key Factor in Mindfulness

It may sound odd to say but many of us do not focus on our breathing and breathing properly. Your first step to Mindfulness is to sit by yourself in a place where you can have absolute privacy. Listen to your breath and feel how your breath enters your body. You may find that you don’t breathe that deeply or that you even stop breathing for short periods of time. Practice taking long, deep breathes and exhaling all of the air from your body. Do this for at least five minutes a day. Not only will it calm you down but it can reduce daily stress and keep you in touch with yourself on all levels.

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Listen to Your Thoughts on a Regular Basis

Our minds can play tricks on us and tell us the wrong message at times. If you tend to have a lot of negative thoughts about yourself or something else during the day, catch them. Once you start to hear a negative message, stop it in its tracks and ask why it is there and what purpose is it serving. Most likely it will be a false thought or placed in your mind by something or someone else. Once you can begin to catch these thoughts, the more mindful you will become. Pay attention to your thoughts and prevent any negative ones from harming you and your daily fun.

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Practice Gratitude to Achieve Mindfulness

Gratitude is an amazing tool for Mindfulness. The more you can appreciate everything you have in life and feel genuinely grateful, the more mindful you can become. Pay attention to positive surroundings, experiences and tell those you love that you are thankful for them. Be in tune with all the great things you have in your life and say thanks. This will keep you grounded, realistic and lead you to the inner peace you have been seeking.

Now that you have a few tools to practice daily you can set upon your path of complete Mindfulness and all-around inner peace. Inner peace won’t happen overnight. It is something that we all work on every day of our lives and will present itself over time. Stay focused, practice breathing and meditation and stop negative thoughts in their tracks before they become you.

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5 thoughts on “Practice Mindfulness for Inner Peace

  1. Tracy

    Thanks for the great article and advice, my life is very stressful at times. I’m going to work on this, because I am afraid if I don’t, I’m going to have a stroke or a heart attack. The only problem is it is very hard to get any time alone. I live with my boyfriend and my brother who is paralyzed from the waist down. We take care of him and work together. I don’t get very much time alone. I think that might be part of my problem. Some days I feel like running away, just to get time alone. Reading the posts on here is what helps me keep it together, so keep them coming. I really enjoy reading them.

  2. Felicia ext. 5033

    Listen to Your Thoughts on a Regular Basis is a wonderful habit to develop. I do an exercise that has really helped me. I get a timer, then set it for a minute…then observe my thoughts for 1 minute. I just watch the random thoughts go by… Then in week 2. I set my timer for 1 minute and start to watch my thoughts, every time a negative thought comes I tell myself…thought get out of my head, then think something positive in its place. Take a deep breath and let the thoughts flow.
    If you did this every week and increase it 1 minute a week for 5 weeks…you will have a peaceful mind and a joyful spirit.
    Remember…when we all were babies, we didn’t speak any languages. ALL those negative thoughts came from the mainstream. Self-Awareness and Self Mastery is the key to unlock our inner power.

    Bright Blessings,
    Felicia ext# 5033

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    This is a great article, it gives great advice and, if adhered to, will lead to an inner calmness and peace that all of the money in the world cannot buy.

    This is also a MUST for those wishing to enhance or expand upon their latent psychic abilities.

    good job, Natasha !!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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