Do You Have Past Life Issues?

Can some of your problems be traced to previous lifetimes? The effects of past-life victimization can hold us back until the trauma is healed. Here are a few signs that will help you tell whether you were a victim in a past life.


Fears and phobias that cannot be linked to early or traumatic experiences often trace to previous lifetimes. A fear of being attacked when alone is an obvious example. Claustrophobia can be traced to the experience of having been imprisoned or held hostage. For example, my son was born with a fear of being hit and would flinch for no reason. By the time he was a few weeks old, he looked around and appeared pleasantly surprised to realize no one would hit him. Later, memories surfaced of having been an abused child in his previous lifetime. Some phobias are more obscure, but the main key to them being from a past traumatic experience is a sudden sense of panic that seems to scream, “No! It can’t happen again!”


Everyone has nightmares, but nightmares that are keys to a difficult past-life experience tend to have certain characteristics. They are usually repeated more than once. We often appear as a different person than we are now: a different age, culture or gender. While most normal dreams are either highly fantastic or feature scenery and people known to us, these dreams tend to be quite realistic, but with unfamiliar surroundings. They are often replays of how we were victimized in a previous lifetime. The unconscious hangs onto traumas and stores them away like a tape recording. They can be released when dealt with in the correct manner.

Lifelong sense of anxiety, depression or foreboding

Being full of anxiety, overreacting to life’s stresses and blowing things out of proportion may be reactions to past-life victimization. The same is true for those who seem to always have a black cloud of gloom or depression following them. When there is no identifiable current-life physical or emotional source, the cause is often a past life. Some people experience symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder: Traumas carry over and feel like they are still happening.

Never saying, “It couldn’t happen to me,” often combined with deep compassion and humility

Most people tend to think that bad things could never happen to them. But people who have experienced them know better. Our life experiences deepen us, and many people who have been victimized in a previous lifetime have great tolerance and compassion. They are not know-it-alls. Instead, they are felt-it-alls.

Unexplained aversions

A prejudice against a race, culture or gender that cannot be explained by current life experience or the avoidance or dislike of a place, such as “I would never visit Paris” (shudder) can indicate past-life victimization by a certain type of person or in a particular place.

Once we understand the signs that point to possible past-life victimization, we can begin the path of healing armed with knowledge and understanding.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Have Past Life Issues?

  1. Samantha Szczyrbak

    That is so strange you see ever since I was little I never had dreams except for one and it was always the same thing my mother say’s even as a new born I would wake up terrified and would refuse to go back to sleep almost every night. I was always a little girl and I was always staring out a window when someone would shatter the window and grab me up by the end of the nightmare they would strangle me. even to this day this is the only dream I ever remember having. Thanks to that nightmare I am absolutely petrified of window I never look out thim and almost every last one in my house is covered up.

  2. SuzanneSuzanne

    Psychic Bridget has helped me understand my past life phobias – strangulation is one of them. Upon deeper introspection and meditation/Reiki, pictures of my past flashed before me. Religious dogma, forcibly being persecuted for having different beliefs than others. This, too, is carried over into my current life. But until I deal with the trauma of the past, I won’t grasp the lessons in the present and move forward to expiate this karma.


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