Open Your Heart Chakra

It takes a balanced heart chakra, to allow yourself to experience unconditional love. Plus it can have a momentous effect on every aspect of your life, because your capacity for handling situations of love, jealousy, betrayal, loneliness… all depend on the condition of your heart chakra.

Chakras are meant to be open, but they might be offset, flickering or sometimes completely blocked. Keeping your heart chakra clear is an important practice as it opens the gates to creativity, forgiveness, acceptance and loving others as well as yourself.

Here are the basics:

Work energy up to the heart chakra
Sit in the lotus position, or just sit on the floor as comfortably as possible. Beginning at your root chakra (base of spine) which is a red energy, visualize a spinning sphere of glowing crimson. This sphere should be turning around the axis of your erect body, in a clockwise direction. Imagine that you are the center of a galaxy spinning around you. Next, move up to your orange sacral chakra (lower abdomen) and the yellow solar plexus (above the navel) by imagining each color spinning around each chakra area until you reach the green heart chakra (center of chest).

At first, as you visualize each spinning colored sphere, you might feel as if you are just imagining it all, but stick with it… soon you’ll start to actually feel the energy and may even hear a harmonic tone as the sphere spins.

You may occasionally see darker areas of the sphere orbiting outwards and spin away. This is the cleansing action of the chakra purifying itself.

The heart chakra mantra
As you begin visualizing the emerald green sphere rotating around your torso, feel calm and peace with yourself. Focus on the spinning and you will begin to feel as if there is nothing in the universe except you and it. Then in a firm, but quiet chant, repeat the heart mantra. “yaaahhmmnng ohmmmm yaaahhmmnng”. If you have a piano, check that you are chanting in the key of F. Continue that mantra and concentration on the spinning sphere until you feel love, sympathy, compassion, and pure emotion flowing through you like a wave.

Have you cleared your heart chakra lately? Tell us how it makes you feel.


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