New Beginnings: The Adulting Starter Kit

New Beginnings: The Adulting Starter Kit | California Psychics

Starting Out, or Starting Over

We’re all trying to get our lives together and keep our heads above water in the adult world. In the not-so-distant past, Home Economics and Drivers Ed used to be regular school offerings, and many of us have someone we can reach out to if we have a question, but it is comforting to know that adulting is something that most of us are still working. So, we’ve put together a small kit to help you along on your first foray into the adult world.

Living on Your Own

When you find yourself living on your own for the first time, whether you’re leaving home straight out of high school, your marriage has ended, or you and your roommate have just parted ways, you find yourself responsible for many things you weren’t in charge of before. It can be daunting, but don’t worry, it’s 2020 and you can get all of this stuff with two-day delivery.

What You Need

– Sewing Kit: This will definitely come in handy when you need to replace a button, fix ripped jeans, or hem those slacks you need for a job interview. Learning to sew by hand is super easy. That weird paper clip thing in your sewing kit? That’s to help you thread the needle!

– Mini Tool Kit: Usually equipped with a hammer, screwdrivers, and a wrench- everyone should have basic tools. These will help with small fixes like leaky sinks and big fixes like changing light fixtures. (Adulting bonus points: get LED bulbs, they will save energy and money!)

– First Aid Kit: These kits make stocking your medicine cabinet a breeze. Often, they include Band-Aids, antiseptic wipes, and antibiotic ointments.

– Emergency Kit: Create an easy to access kit with candles, a flashlight, and drinkable water. If you drive, it’s also helpful to keep an emergency kit in your car. These usually include flares, safety cones, a car jack, and jumper cables for your battery.

– A Book of Easy Recipes: As convenient as take out and ordering services are, the bills add up extremely fast. Having a cookbook or two with simple recipes that you can make in a short period of time will save you a great deal of money in the long run, and will provide with you much healthier options than most of the restaurants listed in any take out app.

What You Need to Know

Not only should you have a few basic kits to help with life, a set of basic Adulting skills are helpful to have as well. Sure, you could always Google these in the moment, but it’s empowering to already know what to do when the time arises.

– Car Maintenance: Online videos can be a great resource for basic car maintenance. Remember that heavy jack in your Car Emergency Kit? It will definitely come in handy when changing a tire. Use it to prop up your car to make the switch from flat to donut or spare tire. Also get familiar with checking your oil and coolant levels. Having a roadside assistance service in addition to your car insurance is a big help. They can help with tires, battery issues, and when you lock your keys in the car. Don’t worry- we have all been there!

– Renting Your Own Place: Getting your first place can seem overwhelming at first. Once you understand the process, it’s not too bad. Search online for apartment listings or drive around your desired neighborhood to find vacancies. Call or email on listings and leave your name and number. When given an in-person tour, remember to ask important questions about pets, laundry, utilities, and parking. Usually a deposit plus first and last month’s rent is required. Remember to get Renter’s Insurance to cover your belongings- this isn’t something your landlord will get for you. You should also document, both in writing and visually if possible, any damages that you find when you first move into your apartment so that you will not be held liable for them when it’s time to move on.

– Sticking to a Budget: When adulting, a budget is always necessary. It can be helpful to create a basic budget, and an emergency budget for when money is tighter. Split your income between housing/bills, transportation, food, personal care, entertainment, and savings. Savings can be either a basic savings account (your rainy-day fund) or in other forms like stocks and bonds.

– The Great Hustle: It is common for people to have more than one income. Whether it is from multiple jobs or side gigs, multiple income streams will help pad your budget. Thanks to the internet (and apps) having a side hustle is easier than ever. There are apps for dog walkers, care providers, and even odd jobs. If you have a knack for building Swedish furniture, now is your time to shine.

The Holistic Kit

In addition to basic skills and kits to keep you alive and healthy, you should have a plan to keep your Spirit alive and healthy as well. When moving into a new space (or just spring cleaning), remember to clean the energies of your home too, which you can do by smudging the space or walking through with cleansing sounds or music that helps you feel at peace. Make your home your own with crystals and incense that speak to you and create a bright and calming atmosphere.

Create time in your schedule to reflect and meditate, be it through a guided meditation, breathing exercises, an exercise routine, or just creating a daily moment of silence for yourself. Keep a regular journal, and you might want to look into keeping a journal of your dreams and spiritual journey as well. To help keep you prepared and ready for everything, add in retrogrades and eclipses to your home calendar (and if you don’t have one yet, get one), which will already have the moon phases and equinoxes printed in it. Keep our guide to surviving retrograde close by. And don’t forget to keep your favorite spiritual advisor’s info handy, they can help guide you whenever you are feeling lost.

We’re All Still Figuring It Out

Adulting can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry- you have the rest of your life to figure it out! We are all in the same situation with you.

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