Meditation Workout

Learning how to “still” your mind is a skill that is becoming less apparent in our hectic world. Not only can you gain access to inner peace, but with increased practice, meditation will allow you to access your intuition, the place where you can find answers to your problems.

You will need a location of interrupted stillness and quiet. It is possible to work in absolute silence, but usually your ears will pick up soft background noise such as the clicking of the air conditioner or hum of the refrigerator. In busy cities or neighborhoods, you can drown out the sound by using soft, relaxing music to enhance your surroundings. Obviously, you will want to avoid using music with lyrics, as you don’t want to inadvertently pull yourself out of a deep mediation by singing along with a familiar song.

Although this may seem trivial, comfortable clothing, as what is worn in yoga, is important for successful sittings. You do not want tight athletic tops restricting your breathing, or uncomfortable waistlines cutting into your stomach while you are stationary. I also suggest removing your shoes for maximum comfort.

As you slip into meditation, your basic protection senses can often drift. This is why a simple protection visualization will keep you energetically safe throughout your meditation, allowing your mind to wander as far off as necessary. To successfully establish a protective boundary prior to your meditation exercise, imagine a circle of white light, often described as an “egg,” and allow this white light to extend three inches deep from your body. Imagine that it acts as an energetic barrier, similar to an electric fence, that zaps any negativity from entering your personal space.

Find a comfortable position and relax. This traditionally means sitting in a crossed-legged or, if you’re limber enough, a “lotus” position. You may prefer to sit against a wall for lower back support. Although lying down may feel comfortable, quite often you can slip into sleep in this position, and that it why it is typically not a suggested position for meditation. Meditation in an upright, seated position promotes good posture as it gently works your muscles keeping you upright and statuesque.

In most forms of breath work, you will hear the common phrase, “Breathe in with your nose, out through your mouth.” This method establishes a pattern and rhythm for your mind to follow and be taken away into a dream state.

Meditation Workout
1. Begin breathing in to the count of five through your nose, and out through your mouth for the count of five. Identify your diaphragm, located in the lower portion of your lungs in the center of your chest. Try to generate your breath from this location.

2. As you begin breathing out, allow your body to become increasingly more relaxed.

3. Breathe in relaxation, and breathe out the tension and anxieties of your day.

4. Beginning with your feet, allow your senses to identify and feel the muscles and any tension within the feet, and then allow them to completely relax.

5. Moving upward in the body, next allow the legs to become completely relaxed.

6. Continue moving upward through your entire body until you reach the top of your head, achieving complete relaxation.

7. See yourself as an unrestricted silhouette of light, engulfed in your protective energetic egg.

8. Now focus on your inner mind by imagining a small ball of light at the center of your forehead. At this point, you may welcome any divine messages of guidance as you briefly allow your intuition to exercise.

9. When you are fulfilled and wish to return to your previous mental state, work backwards, beginning with your head, allowing it to become alive again. Next wake up your neck and shoulders, all the way down to your feet. Wiggle your toes, and allow the vitality and energy to surge through your body, similar to the feeling of waking up from a deep sleep.

10. Open your eyes, and reacquaint yourself with your surroundings.

Thank your divine higher power for protecting you and aiding you in your meditation. Take immediate note of insights, messages, and images you may have gained during this exercise while the information is still fresh enough for you to capture.

Meditation is best experienced within a routine. Practicing for at least 15 minutes daily will allow you to gain the endurance and focus necessary to bring your mind to an entirely new level of awareness.

Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance.
— Buddha


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